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  • Nikki: We've met Ace. We just wonder about the last one...
  • Momo: Neva said the name is Sherry. That sounds like a pretty girl's name.
  • Bobo: Do you know anything except pretty girls?
  • Momo: Are you talking about muscular man?
  • Annabel: Nikki, Momo, Bobo!
  • Nikki: Annabel! How's your manga going?
  • Annabel: Last time when I looked for inspiration in the Fantasy Styling Contest, I happened to meet an extremely beautiful female stylist there!
  • Momo: How beautiful is 'extremely beautiful'?
  • Annabel: She has this brilliant flowing long hair and looks like a china doll! But she is kind of cold to get along with.
  • Bobo: So what's your story later? What kind of surprise would the designer give the stylist?
  • Annabel: Haha, secrets! Now Nikki, let's go over the artistic painter style. It will be related to the story!


There is no concluding dialogue.