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  • Bobo: Just imagine Prince Royce speaking on the stage, it would be fantastic!
  • Momo: Humph, if I get a chance to stand on the stage and sing a song, I can also blow thousands of girls away.
  • Bobo: Momo, seriously?
  • Nikki: Haha, Momo has a dream to launch his own rock concert.
  • Joe: I really wish to watch it...
  • Royce: Hi, everyone! I knew you would make it, Nikki! But the other two are also very strong. Neva, would you please introduce them for us.
  • Neva: The other two players are Ace and Sherry...
  • Nikki: Ace! That wandering swordswoman!
  • Royce: Yes, yes. How awesome that she can travel everywhere freely...
  • Neva: Master, Queen has promised you...
  • Royce: Alright, alright, let's talk about it later. Nikki, why not compete with Neva over the sweet Lilith little girl style? Neva looks so cute when she is dressed that way.


There is no concluding dialogue.