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  • Annabel: Nikki, Momo, Bobo!
  • Momo: There a lot of familiar faces here today!
  • Nikki: Annabel! Are you here to collect materials?
  • Annabel: You know me so well! I am preparing the manga sequel. Many readers are looking forward to it!
  • Bobo: A love story between a stylist and designer. I really want to know when they will get married!
  • Annabel: Not so fast. I just thought of a scene where the stylist comes to attend the Fantasy Styling Contest, and the designer follows to give her a surprise!
  • Nikki: That sounds great!
  • Annabel: Right! Nikki, try on a classic Pigeon Kingdom style dress. I want the stylist to meet her Prince Charming in a traditional princess dress!


There is no concluding dialogue.