• Aron: Hi, all! I knew I could see you guys here. An outstanding stylist like Nikki would definitely sign up for the contest!
  • Nikki: Aron! How was the Miraland Boat Racing competition that you took part in? The one in the Cloud Empire?
  • Aron: We got the second place in the team race! It was the best performance we ever had!
  • Momo: You love sports so much yet you didn't win the race?
  • Aron: Well, loving sports won't help me beat those people from the North Kingdom. They're literally supermen!
  • Nikki: Aron looks really cute today!
  • Aron: Haha, really? I will have a short vacation after the contest. I want to try on something with a floral-pattern girlish style, but I'm not really used to it. Nikki, help me out!


There is no concluding dialogue.

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