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  • Bobo: Is that Kaja over there?!
  • Kaja: Hi, everybody! It's been a while. How is everyone doing?
  • Momo: We came here with Nikki to attend the Fantasy Styling Contest!
  • Nikki: Hi, Kaja! Are you here for the contest too?
  • Kaja: Yup. Cicia is not far from the royal city, and I just happen to have a break, so I came.
  • Bobo: So does your band come here too?
  • Kaja: Yes. The royal city is very bustling these days. So our band performs at the bar near the Contestant Village every night.
  • Nikki: Awesome! We can go see your performances!
  • Kaja: Oh right, Nikki, could you help me pick a casual sportswear? That will make things more convenient when I have to move the instruments.


There is no concluding dialogue.