• Bobo: Yay! Three consecutive wins! The highest score!! Nikki has progressed from the group stage!!!
  • Momo: Woohoo! Nikki, you are the best!
  • Nikki: Thanks, thanks all! It's all because of your support!
  • Kimi: You really did a good job. Each group will have a winner to attend the finals, and from the three players champion will be selected.
  • Joe: The lady means you are one step away from the champion, and she believes you will win.
  • Kimi: That's right. I believe you can do it.
  • Nikki: Ah... Kimi... I! I will do everything I can!
  • Kimi: I have heard a little about the other two contestants and they are both quite talented. Nikki, be careful.
  • Kimi: I took a couple of outfits from the Apple Federation with me. They are chic girlish outfit and casual daily clothes. Try them on!
  • Momo: The Fantasy Envoy is quite scary when it comes to marketing...


There is no concluding dialogue.

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