• Momo: The audience in the front row is so annoying! They're so tall and block my sight!
  • Bobo: They look strange and so serious. They are not enjoying the contest at all. It's a shame they got all the best seats!
  • Momo: Just what I said! It should be us professional cheerleaders on those VIP seats!
  • Bobo: Look! It's Nikki's turn! The opponent's outfit is really exotic!
  • Joe: She's supposedly a contestant from the Republic of Wasteland where people's clothes are wild and natural, filled with uncertainties and raw desires.
  • Kimi: I still remember Mr. Joe promoting wasteland style scarves and shawls at the autumn-winter accessory festival last quarter.
  • Joe: Ha, you have a good memory, my lady!
  • Momo: Luckily Nikki has tried the wasteland style clothes several times before already. I hope she can perform well!


There is no concluding dialogue.

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