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  • Momo: Look, Nikki is about to come on stage!
  • Bobo: Wow, Prince Royce's address is so awesome! Mr. Nidhogg's speech is also pretty cool!
  • Kimi: Nikki is in group B this time, it's fortunate she doesn't have to compete with stylists from the Pigeon Kingdom in the group games...
  • Nidhogg: (Stage speech) ...And the champion shall be awarded the title 'The Royal Stylist of Lilith', and gain the chance to participate in designing this year's Fairytale Concerto...
  • Momo: What is the Fairytale Concerto suit?
  • Kimi: Fairytale Concerto is Lilith's royal outfit. It's the signature of the nation. Every year a new set of apparel will be produced and collected by the royal family.
  • Bobo: Every Lilith girl dreams of putting on a Fairytale Concerto dress one day!
  • Momo: Look! Nikki is about to compete against her first opponent!
  • Bobo: Huh, isn't that Kane who we met in the Contestant Village? Looks like she was assigned to the same group as Nikki.
  • Bobo: Uh oh, the styling theme is North Kingdom style warm army uniform. That's Kane's expertise!
  • Momo: Nikki, you can do it!


There is no concluding dialogue.