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  • Kimi: Nikki is really great!
  • Nikki: Really? I will keep trying!
  • Joe: I've never seen my lady praise someone in such excitement.
  • Kimi: Mister, do you think our next quarter's design quota is a bit low?
  • Joe: What? Of course not! Ah! It's the principal of Cicia Design School! Excuse me.
  • Momo: That was fast. It was like me when I rush to the grill house.
  • Bobo: Rush? Don't you always roll like a ball!
  • Momo: Arrrgh! Bobo!!
  • Kimi: I think you two would make pretty good cheerleaders. Oh right, Nikki. Try the modern daily Cloud Empire one piece dress. Maybe you will encounter a rival from the Cloud Empire.
  • Nikki: Sure!


There is no concluding dialogue.