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  • Nikki: Kimi!! Kimi!!!
  • Bobo: Wow, it's a rare to see Nikki get so excited. Kimi and Mr. Joe are here!
  • Momo: The girl should behave like a lady...
  • Kimi: Greetings Nikki!
  • Nikki: Hey, Kimi! Are you here to take part in the contest too?
  • Kimi: I am just here to watch. The Fantasy Styling Contest in Lilith is one of the most important contests on the continent. A lot of outstanding stylists emerge from here ever year.
  • Joe: Hello? No one noticed me? ...In fact, Kimi just wants to say Nikki will be the outstanding stylist this year!
  • Nikki: Um, really?
  • Kimi: Yeah, I believe in you after all those trials you overcame in the Cloud Empire. You will have no problem in reaching the finals. Do your best.
  • Nikki: Thanks! Thank you for your encouragement!
  • Kimi: Since you just came back from the Cloud Empire, why not go for traditional Cloud Empire clothes?


There is no concluding dialogue.