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  • Momo: I am so excited! The game has finally come!
  • Bobo: I never imagined that I would watch the Fantasy Styling Contest here as part of the supporting group in the castle! This is the best!
  • Nikki: I feel so nervous. Last time I had Lunar by my side in Wintermount; now I'm all by myself.
  • Momo: Nikki, you'll be! You are the protagonist so you'll be protected by plot armour!
  • Bobo: Um, what was he saying?...
  • Nikki: According to the rules, it's the group stage today and all participants will compete in 3 groups. I wonder what kind of rival I will encounter...
  • Bobo: Relax, Nikki. How about some warm-up first?
  • Momo: It seems that when you're not bickering with me, you're still helpful! So let's go for a fresh mori girl outfit!
  • Bobo: Momo!!


There is no concluding dialogue.