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  • Bobo: Stop right there! Give us Lunar's drawing, right now!
  • Mela: I was wondering who was inquiring about my whereabouts. No way some losers like you guys are going to get the drawing from me. Don't make me laugh!
  • Nikki: What if I win?
  • Mela: Hey little miss, don't be naive. Do you know who you're messing with? Where did you get your courage from?
  • Lunar: Nikki is a gifted stylist. She's waaaay better at designing than a thief like you!
  • Mela: Hmmm! You should be honored that I chose your drawing as a target. How dare you call me a thief, I will make you guys pay for that!
  • Mela: Let's compete over sassy style if you dare!


  • Mela: I did not bring my collection with me to the Lilith Kingdom. You can have your drawing back.
  • Mela: But remember. Making an enemy of the Iron Rose organization was a bad idea. You'll pay the price for your actions sooner or later!
  • Nikki: I can feel Mela is quite strong. I can't imagine what this Iron Rose organization is like.
  • Bobo: Rumor has it that after Princess Elle became the leader of the Pigeon Kingdom, she established the Iron Rose Stylist Legion.
  • Bobo: It has 10 designers of the highest level who were ordered by the Queen to go around and acquire top notch clothing designs by whatever means necessary...
  • Momo: Meow! That's just daylight robbery!
  • Nikki: Ok ok, let's first decide where to go next.
  • Nikki: Since it was Queen Nanari who brought us here, let's go to her Lilith Kingdom first!