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  • Lunar: Nikki, Bobo, Momo, thanks for all the help, I...don't know what to say.
  • Nikki: Lunar, we're friends! Of course we'll help you! I just don't know if we can actually defeat Mela.
  • Bobo: Don't worry. It'll be no biggie for Nikki!
  • Bobo: Ouch! Why are you stepping on me, Momo?!
  • Momo: Bobo, whenever you're here, you either steal my shine or my lines! What are you gonna do next? Steal my grilled fish?!
  • Lunar: Stop arguing you two. Nikki needs another practice session to defeat Mela for sure.
  • Lunar: I'll compete with you now, let's try Mela's sassy nightclub style!


  • Lunar: Nikki, you've got some real talent in you!
  • Lunar: This shoe is my greatest design. I believe it can help you.
  • Lunar: You will defeat Mela!


After completing this level for the first time, the tutorial will show you the Stylist's Arena.