Dialogue Edit

Opening: Edit

  • Nikki: Excuse me, have you seen someone passing by holding a drawing?
  • Roadside beauty: As a matter of fact, a sassy woman just hurried off with a piece of paper.
  • Lunar: Yes! That must be Mela, the girl who grabbed my design! Do you know where she went?
  • Roadside beauty: I can tell you but I'm busy considering what to wear for my date today with an Aries photographer.
  • Roadside beauty: How about one of you compete with me and provide some ideas?
  • Momo: No biggie, Nikki! the cute romantic date outfit is perfect for you. I choose you as our representative!

Conclusion: Edit

  • Roadside beauty: Nikki you are so great! Thanks a lot! My date today will be fantastic!
  • Roadside beauty: By the way, I'm Toto. Let's compete more when we meet again.
  • Nikki: Wait up!! Toto you haven't told us where Mela went yet.
  • Toto: Umm, I think she went in the direction of the school.
  • Toto: I'll go to my date now. See you!
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