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  • Bobo: Look, there's a girl crying at the door of that flower shop and she looks sad! I'll go check it out!
  • Nikki: Bobo, did she tell you what happened? Is there anything we can do?
  • Bobo: Forget it! That girl from the Cloud Empire is so aloof. I asked many times but she just wouldn't say a word!
  • Girl from Cloud Empire: You can't help anyway. Whats the point in telling you?
  • Girl from Cloud Empire: Only a stylist with real talent could beat that thief and help recover my design.
  • Momo: The Cloud Empire is located east of Miraland. It is a wealthy nation resembling the ancient Tang Dynasty. Everyone dresses up in a flowing and traditional eastern style.
  • Momo: No biggie, Nikki, you can compete with her. You can totally pull off this Cloud Empire style!


  • Girl from Cloud Empire: I didn't know you were such a skilled stylist. I underestimated you.
  • Girl from Cloud Empire: My name is Lunar, I'm a designer from the eastern Cloud Empire.
  • Lunar: I just made a design and came here to buy the necessary fabric, but an evil girl stole my drawing.
  • Nikki: Oh no, that's terrible! Don't worry, we'll go find her and make her return your design!


The first time you do this level, the tutorial tells you about Skills.