Dialogue Edit

Opening: Edit

  • Nikki: This small town here seems similar to our world, same streets, same architectural style.
  • Bobo: Oh, so you're from the Apple Federation?
  • Nikki: No no, Momo and I came from another world...
  • Nikki: What is this Apple Federation that Bobo speaks of?
  • Bobo: A visitor from another world? Ha ha, I'm not buying it!
  • Bobo: It can't be that easy to travel between worlds. Stop joking, Nikki!
  • Momo: Can we skip that for now? Just tell us about the Apple Federation!
  • Bobo: Okay okay. The Apple Federation is the largest nation in the Miraland, and it's a heaven for designers and stylists.
  • Bobo: The architectural style in the Apple Federation is ahead of its time, and the fashionable dresswear is an essential part of everyday life.
  • Momo: So it's very similar to the big cities in our real world!
  • Momo: In that case, Nikki can compete with Bobo over simple loungewear style!

Conclusion: Edit

There is no concluding conversation.

Trivia Edit

The first time you do this level, a tutorial shows you the Tips button, where you can review the dialogue and see two of the attributes.

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