Users Furniture is the store where Furniture for Nikki's home may be purchased with Heart Tickets Heart Ticket.png, Gold Gold, or Diamonds Diamonds. It is accessed from the Home screen in the right-hand menu by clicking on the "Users Furniture" icon.

Special[edit | edit source]

Special furniture is available through the "Special" tab.

Furniture[edit | edit source]

The Furniture tab includes subcategories of: Table, Chair, Bed, Cabinet, Kitchen, and Bathroom.

Ornament[edit | edit source]

The Ornament tab includes subcategories of: Ornament, Plant, Wall Decor, and Carpet.

Appliances[edit | edit source]

The Appliances tab includes subcategories of: Major Appliance and Small Appliance.

Decoration[edit | edit source]

The Decoration tab includes subcategories of: Door, Window, Wall, Floor, and Stairs.

Sale[edit | edit source]

The Sale tab is for time-limited furniture. Spending certain amounts will result in a discount. The more spent, the greater the discount.

Navigation[edit | edit source]

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