As requested, here’s a guide for categories! Remember, the categories do not have to be in a specific order.

Suit Pages

All suit pages should have the following categories:

  • Suit
  • Suit Name
  • Obtainment Method
    • If event, say the specific event as well
  • Styling Gift Box if it has one as the completion reward

Regular Gallery Suit

  • Nation
  • Nation Suit
  • Target Suit if target suit

Story Suit

  • Story Suit
  • Specific Story Suit (Ex. Evernight's Dream, Ghost Gathering, Four Seasons, etc)

Examples: Princess Dawn, Crime Buster


All item pages should have the following:

  • Obtainment Method
    • If event, be specific
  • Main Color(s)
  • Rarity
  • Tags
  • Type (Be specific!)
    • Ex. a hair ornament will have accessories, headwear, and hair ornaments as categories


  • Main Attributes
  • Customizable if customizable
  • Ingredient if used in a recipe
  • Evolved if it’s an evolved form of something
  • Evolvable if it can be evolved
    • Items like Miss Anna-Rare will have both evolved and evolvable as categories
  • Suit Name if part of suit


  • Furniture

Examples: Maiden-Neck, Cat·Soft cloud


  • Event Name
  • Events
  • Event year (Ex. 2018 Events)
  • Reoccuring Events if it reoccurs


  • Chapters
  • Chapter Name
  • Volume


  • Stages
  • Chapter Name
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