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Unfinished Home Stylist page Edit

Home Stylist is a feature that allows players to decorate the rooms of other players or request that their rooms be decorated.

Commission Diary Edit

The Commission Diary displays a player's Home Stylist rank, followers, total likes, weekly and total stats related to home styling and a collection of their finished commissions. The Latest work tab displays all of their finished commissions, and the Best work tab displays commissions the player has selected.

Your own Commission Diary can be displayed by tapping the Commission Diary button in the Home Stylist menu. Commissions can be chosen and unchosen for the Best work tab by tapping the circle under the commission preview.

Other players' Commission Diaries can be displayed by tapping either the Stylist Info button in their house or the Diary button in one of their finished commissions. Players can be followed by tapping the heart in the top right of their Commission Diary.

Photo Wall Edit

Similar to the Starry Corridor, the Photo all displays New and Following commissions. The New tab displays the newest finished commissions, while the Following tab only displays commissions from users you are following. Clicking on a commission preview will display the entire commission. Commissions can be filtered by style (see **Publishing a Commission**)

Home Stylist Certification Edit

Players ho have not yet passed the Home Stylist Certification are required to do so to access the full Home Stylist feature. One free chance is given daily. You will be shown a room to recreate using supplied furniture. If your submission is at least 60% accurate to the sample, you will pass the certification and gain full access to the Home Stylist feature, otherwise you will fail.

Submitting a Commission Edit

Public commissions can be released from the Publish button either at the bottom of the house interface or in the Commissions Market. Private commissions can be sent to an individual player from either the Commission button in either their Commission Diary or their house.

- Commissioned Room The room to be decorated can be selected. It must first be unlocked.

- Furniture Collection You must own at least 30 pieces of furniture to submit a commission.

- Pieces of furniture placed in the room No more than 10 pieces of furniture can be placed in the room before the commission is submitted.

- Style Preference One style tag can be selected to suggest a design style to the decorating player.

- Reserve Up to 9999 Heart Tickets can be submitted as reserve. The decorating player may purchase additional furniture to decorate with the reserve. If the commission is not chosen by anyone or is not adopted by you after completion, the entire reserve will be returned, otherwise only unspent Heart Tickets will be returned.

Once published, the commission will appear in the Commissions Market if public, or in the specified player's Mailbox if private.


  • You'll fail II-4-7 the first try.
  • Stage II-6-2 is a quiz

Bold = Princess item

Suit Needed for Needed Items Costs

Wild Caracal (likely translation Wildcat)

Wasteland suit

II-4-2 Top

Whisper of Snow x8

Language of Hunting x6

Coquette·Black x15

Bottom II-4-1 bottoms recolour (609->610) x6

Fearless x6

French Coffee x10

Retro Fashion

Federal suit

II-4-4 (+ chapter) Top (or recolour) II-4-3 top recolour (668->669) x7

Language of Hunting x6

Tank Top·Black x10

Bottom (or recolour)

Bowknot Fantasy x6

Voice of Hunting x6

Classic Kilt·Blue x6

Telephone (both handheld) (or recolour Fluffy Beret x9

II-4-2 Princess drop accessory (4127) x6

Chocolate Hat·Brown x12


Fairyland Bunny

Lilith suit

II-4-6 Dress II-4-5 dress recolour (1443->1444) x5

II-4-3 Princess drop dress (1434) x6

Bow's Dream·Yellow x10

Shoes II-4-5 shoes x8

II-4-5 Princess drop shoes (1455) x6

Delicate Macaron x8


Dream of Stars and Rainbows

Lilith suit

II-5-2 Top unlisted
Bottom unlisted

Journey's Expedition

II-5-4 Top unlisted
Bottom unlisted
Left handheld Given out in a stage

Nice-Smelling Rose*

II-5-6 Hairstyle unlisted
Top unlisted
Bottom unlisted
not suit, but input II-6-2 n/a 1 - Crown

2 - Icewind dress

3 - Sword

4 - Dove/Vines


Black Cat's Message

Cloud suit

II-6-3 Dress (+ recolour)


Coat (+ recolour)



Royal' March

Troupe suit

II-6-5 Top (+ recolour)


Bottom (+ recolour)



Peaceful Prayer

Pigeon suit

II-6-6 Hairstyle (+ recolour)


Dress (+ recolour)



*I can't concentrate

Suit Item Category Description
Chair Suit (Orange Hairstyle Knee-length blonde hair that curls toward the end. The ends gradient to blue, and a heart-shaped ahoge is featured on the top of the head.
Dress A heavily decorated white dress with short shoulderless sleeves, featuring orange ribbons and bows and a blue collar. The front of the skirt is decorated with teacups.
Socks Orange socks featuring a white dot/swirl pattern and blue bows.
Shoes White slip-on heels that strongly resemble teacups.
Foreground A white teapot and two teacups in midair, with small black legs and orange tea splashing out of them.
Floor? Misty, glittery white clouds.

(Head Ornament)

An open blue book with gold patterns on the front and spine, depicting a cup and the words "Sweet Tea".
Background A tilted, ornate golden chair with blue cushions. A white emblem featuring cutlery, a teacup and the words "Nikki" and "Nikki Sweet Tea" is featured on the back cushion.
99% sure regular head thing A teapot hair accessory, featuring orange bows and small pompoms.
Face Round golden glasses with orange dots on the frames. The shape of the frame gives the appearance of the glasses melting.
Neck (scarf?) An orange choker with a white frill, shaped as if spilling down the neck.
Right Hand A white teacup spilling orange tea.
Gloves Blue wrist cuffs with a white frill and orange bows.
Left Hand A small white teaspoon with sugar cubes.
Posed Hair Identical to (unposed hair name), but blown to the right.
Posed Dress A posed form of the entire suit, legs posed in the air as if on a chair that is falling over.

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