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Hi, I'm Kuhlau (possibly better known as Sailing), aka that one person that likes lore too much!


  • MY BOT: User:KuhlauBot (If you want something mass changed, please leave me a message on my message wall!)
  • Miraland Map — An all-encompassing world map of Miraland. Uses both concrete information and hints.
  • Lore Reading Guide — A guide by myself and Baek to reading the main story in order
  • Clothing Resource References — This is a folder with several google docs detailing the names and context for IRL clothing that is seen in Love Nikki. It's intended to be used when writing descriptions of items as well as describing outfits of characters. Anyone can edit this, and it is encouraged, especially if you see anything incorrect. Feel free to add as much as you like to it, in order to increase the usefulness of it as a resource. If anything gets messed up, just let me know and I'll restore it or fix it. Please don't vandalize it, it would make me sad :(
  • Tutorial on how to mass update Accessories, Tops, Hairs, etc pages (Only necessary if the page is massively out of date, which it is)
  • Cleaning Pages in AWB Tutorial — see page for more information.
  • Official Lore Book — I cite individual pages; let me know if you would like to see the page.
  • Check out my Dupes page! (Currently out of date, feel free to adopt/edit if you feel so inclined!)

About Me

I am Level 99, V8 and have been playing since February 2018.

I love the lore, and I really want to help make this wiki a more valuable resource for learning about the characters and stories! I'm honestly more knowledgeable about the main story, with the individual suit stories coming second, though I'm trying to learn more~

I also draw fanart, write fanfic, and do other miscellaneous stuff :D

Things I Do

  • Write & Cite lore pages (Characters, Plot, Organizations, Locations)
  • Summarize existing storylines
  • Whatever else has to be done that nobody is doing
  • Mod stuff... I suppose.

Current To-Do List



Translations that were changed ingame that need to be updated on the wiki (all are partially done):

Pages I started but did not finish:


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