aka Natalie

  • I live in The UK
  • I was born on March 28
  • My occupation is A Dead Youtuber
  • I am A Homestuck Addict

Hey, welcome to the user page of the Admin no one knows about. I am female (kinda obvious) and like games. Some of them include: Portal, Love Nikki, Minecraft, Animal Jam, Little Big Planet 3, Love Nikki Wiki (It's a game according to my unknowing classmates). The list could go on but I'll stop.

I will sometimes edit during school since we have computers :O

I'm more of a cleanup admin, doing stuff like cleaning up grammar/layout on pages, and adding links. I make minor edits that will look more pleasing to the eye, though I do also make new pages every now and again.

Highlights_(Hair) Edit

Hair :D
Nikki Highlights
Physical and Vital Information

Yes. I am making a whole section on the Highlights hair. Not highlights of the wiki. The Highlights hair XD

It's my favourite hair and I like it tons. That's my reason for putting it here.

I mean, the colours just go so well together and the shading is so good! Maybe I will make my hair look like this? That fringe is also the perfect length. This hair is goals, but it could be a bit longer. Just a bit though, like a few centimetres. And the waves are so satisfying.

Ok I'm done now.

Current Things I'm Working On Edit

Physical and Vital Information
Style: Apron
Attributes: CoolPure
  • Making sure all pages have links and categories
  • Adding a page for all the Makeup
  • Helping others!
  • Adding creative names for all the new badges

Done Edit

  • Making sure all pages have Diamond and Gold
  • Making sure all pages have pictures for attributes
Simple Elegant Cute Pure Warm

No Longer Doing Edit

  • Adding images to suits by going on the Love Nikki's social media and finding the images for suits

I'm an admin :) Edit

I'm currently an admin on the wiki, and I can answer quite a lot of Love Nikki questions and can show you how to edit if you are unsure!

My edits Edit

Hi. I mostly make edits by changing the rarity and attributes to coloured pictures, and make new but simple pages.

I have school but after that am mostly free so I spend time on this wiki, and on other sites.

Userboxes Edit

The UserBoxes I apply to:
5C030B7A-9BE0-4D84-96E6-05C2BD9000E6 This user is an Administrator on the Love Nikki Wiki.

- I asked and they accepted so I am an admin I guess?

69C24753-07FD-410E-80A6-62E86F1A91A8 This user spends real money when playing Love Nikki!
- I don't spend too much but I've spent: 2 $1.99, and the $4.99 suit from the Valentine's Shop. I recently spent another $1.99, making me V4.
1518756374754 This user is in a Stylist Association!

- I also own the Stylist Association that I'm in!

1518822120885 Ask this user for their Friend Code! Yay Friendship!
- I want as many friends as possible because I like always having more stamina that I can claim so I can get 50 stamina every day guaranteed XD
1518821938679 This user dislikes Momo!

- I just don't like him because he seems uneeded. Pls no hate D:

1518818912453 This user comes dressed in their best at the Stylist Arena!
- I have alot of score for most of the Themes.
1518821964753 This user loves to Craft Recipes! Let's make a new item!
- I have "Crafting sprees" where I try to craft as many items as possible. My goal is to have all items on Love Nikki!
1518821995015 This user plays too much Love Nikki!
- I go on it first thing every day. If I don't have my phone I go on this app that lets your laptop play phone games :D
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