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  • I was born on October 15
  • I am your idol~♡


Hello, welcome to my page. I'm one of the current Admin here so you can message me if you need anything!

I found Love Nikki when an Ad for it popped up as I was playing Cooking Mama. I was instantly smitten by it's art style, charm, and the whole dress up thing; I love cutesy style games with that sort of gimmick or customization features.



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My name is Chris, and I am a girl if that wasn't painfully clear. For some strange reason people mistake me for a guy.

I really love anime and video
games, I also like to sing and bake, and I love art, slasher movies, reading mystery books, and I'm hopelessly obsessed with Teto Kasane, vocaloid music, sparkles, cuddly things, flowers, Ichimatsu, and the gothic-lolita fashion.

My favorite colors are pink and black, I have at least 10 favorite animals but my top 3 would be cats, bats, and panda bears, my favorite foods include cheesecake, strawberry things, chinese food, sushi, cola, and blue-raspberry things.

Favorite Items/OutfitsEdit


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