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hey i'm cae!
i'm mainly just adding images and articles and the like. i forget a lot of things while i make new articles, please excuse any constant edits and revisions.

feel free to chat to me on discord! late responses due to my timezone.

reference Edit

to-do list Edit

it is scarily long, but it'll keep me occupied for a long time 😂 as long as i don't add too many extra things to do onto the to-do list...

copy paste Edit

  • categories:
    • wardrobe item,
    • clothing (hair, dress),
      • special = face, brooch, tattoo, wing, tail, foreground, background, head ornaments, ground
    • no. of hearts,
    • attributes,
    • style/tags,
    • obtainment (event, recharge, styling gift box)
    • colour/s,
    • posed (if not, leave empty),
    • its suit

fav suits Edit

i can't really find any other website or source to put this kinda list, so i'll just dump it here :D

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