Unusual Splendor is a Hidden Suit that can be obtained from V1: Chapter 18 Gun under Morning Star.

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Amy grew up in the Apple Federation, and she always wanted to become a kindergarten teacher. She simply loves children.
Unusual Splendor

She became a kindergarten teacher. But people have begun to notice that her dressing style is becoming stranger and stranger.
Time Flow

Why did the kind-hearted teacher have such a big change? Our station's reporter will reveal this exclusive story!
Tassel Tank Top

Mushi couldn't help but say that he found out that this handsome guy is undoubtedly a very cool-looking miss.
Tassel Tank Top - White

Hello everyone, I'm Mushi, a reporter of the Apple Federation's Surprise TV, I will now expose the truth behind this event.
Textured Shorts

The source of this event has gradually surfaced *rearranges the non-existing glasses upon his nose*, there's only one truth!
Cross Grid

After keeping watch for many days, we were able to catch Amy in a small alley; we will now conduct an exclusive interview.
Surging Night

Miss Amy wore stranger and stranger clothes and often wore sunglasses to the bar, to attract the guy's attention.
Lacquered Star

Amy shifted her sunglasses looking confused. Miss...miss, you just need to act cool and everything will be fine...
Rainbow Glow

'Miss Amy, I'm Mushi, the chief reporter of the Apple Federation's Surprise TV, I'm here to interview...Don't run away!'
Surprising Reflection

When crossing the street, Amy saw a handsome guy, and after following him, she found out that he is a singer at a bar.
Metal Punk

'We tried to communicate, but Miss Amy didn't want to be interview. I'll just have to tell everyone about it myself.'
Classic Cool Style

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The suit is about a kindergarten teacher called Amy whose clothing style changed, causing people to wonder what had happened. The reason for the change was that she saw a handsome guy who sang at a bar, and she started to dress differently to attract his attention. A reporter called Mushi, who worked for the Apple Federation's Surprise TV, discovered that the guy she was trying to attract was actually a woman. He tried to catch her in an alley and interview her, but she didn't want to be interviewed, causing Mushi to tell everyone the story himself.

It is possible that the singer that Amy was interested in was Kaja, a "cool-looking" woman who sings in a bar in the Apple Federation.

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