Tribe Totem is a Wasteland suit which can be obtained through recipe crafting. It is the target suit of Chapter 10. The suit is also customizable.

Completion Prize: 20 Diamonds.

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Item Descriptions[edit | edit source]

The little fringes of the bangs add a hint of docility to the long curly linen hair
Tribal Girl-Linen

She comes from Wasteland. Natural, energetic and tenacious are the totems that her homeland leaves on her.
Earth Totem

This bolero is embroidered with totem designs and reflects the color of the Wasteland.
Tribal Spirit

Bobo gave it up after just a quick try. Momo laughed at her short legs.
Lace Boots

The wreath is made of flowers from the remotest desert and gives the scent of the wild.

The leather rope is lined with feathers and fangs as well as colorful beads. It's a gift for Nikki from a hunter.
Wild Choker

The armband has a rich Wasteland style and romantic exoticism.
Tribal Armband

Knotting is the oldest way for Wasteland people to keep records, and also an easy way to make a pretty bracelet.
Knotting Culture

There's nothing suspicious about me and the bag. Believe me.
Wasteland Satchel

The long black hair is as thick and peaceful as the night sky.
Tribal Girl-Black

Golden, as sparkling as sunshine, and blue, as pure as the sky, are the ode to the sky by Wasteland people.
Tribe Totem

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