Treble Clef
Clarinet has no strict requirements for learners' talents plus, its relatively low price.
Physical and Vital Information
Type Dress
Style Preppy
Attributes ElegantPure
Rarity H4
Color Brown/Gold
Wardrobe # 698
How to Obtain Classical Concert Event, Clothing Store
Treble Clef could be obtained from the Classical Concert event. It can now be bought in the Clothing Store for 66Diamond.

Appearance Edit

A dark brown dress trim with white frills on the wrist, shoulder, and collar. Ruffles line the bottom of the dress. Going down the middle and around the bottom of the skirt are thin gold designs. On each wrist are two tiny gold buttons, while hanging from the collar is a treble clef.

Gallery SuitEdit

Treble Clef is a part of the Troupe suit Clarinet Concerto.

The other parts of this suit are Music Rises, Dynamic Note, Dotted Note, Unexpected Opportunity, Clarinet, Wonderful Music, Scattered Music Papers and Shed Tears

Attributes Edit

Simple Elegant Mature Pure Warm