Treasured Years

Treasured Years
She loves the white dress, but more gorgeous than before. It even attracts real butterflies around her.

Treasure Years RC

Physical and Vital Information
Type: Gallery Suit
Nation: Apple Federation
Color(s): Light Blue/White
Recolor(s): Light Pink/White
Dark Blue/Charcoal
Obtained by: Evolution
Completion Reward: 25 Diamond

Treasured Years, also known as Treasure Years, is an Apple suit that can be obtained through Evolution.

Completion Prize: 25 Diamond.

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Wardrobe Edit

Customized (Dream) Edit

Customized (Night) Edit

Lore Edit

She inherited her father's jewelry business. Though young, she has won respects with her righteous management.
Tender Days -Epic

She still loves white dresses, but more gorgeous than before. It even attracts real butterflies around her.
Treasured Years

She comes to the dinner of white cherry blossom in her luxurious crystal shoes and perfumed dress.
Exquisite Snow -Epic

As a jewelry designer, she only wears jewelry she designs herself. The amethyst and diamond shine like snow.
Fragrant Pistil -Epic

She holds the glass and looks at the speaker. The youth has become a young director, elegant and graceful.
Love Words -Epic

In the eyes of the public, she is like a delicate diamond, graceful and self-restraint, never making mistakes.
Meditation -Epic

She has attended many occasions with a rose handbag. The dated style becomes a classic because of her.
Crystal Rose -Epic

Their eyes have contact. She greets politely. The ripples started in her girlhood calms down in the smiles.
Flower Lover -Epic

On the day of graduation, she carefully tucks her hair. She looks mature and elegant in the mirror.
Tender Days -Rare

She blends jewelry with the costume. The white butterfly dress seems to be reborn with the introduction of diamonds.
Brilliant New Life

She no longer wears teenage-style flat heels and changes the crystals on the shoes to diamonds.
Exquisite Snow -Rare

The flower in her temples is far more dazzling than the mother's old hairpin and she stands out in the crowd.
Fragrant Pistil -Rare

She misses the youth not seen in years. She wants to see him again and listens to his praise, even once.
Love Words -Rare

On her swanlike neck is a blue necklace of crystals. It's clear and quiet, just like her mind.
Meditation -Rare

She received a graduation gift from the youth. It's a rose-shaped handbag that matches her well.
Crystal Rose -Rare

The ceremony ends, there's still no news of him. She smiles at everyone, with her expectation fading.
Flower Lover -Rare

Ten years ago, she was a simple girl with short hair, bright smiles, a pure mind, and a carefree life every day.
Tender Days

One day, she wears a white butterfly veil designed by herself. When seeing him, she gets nervous instantly.
Pure Dream

She goes back to her room. The crystal on the white satin is still clear, but her heart is no longer calm.
Exquisite Snow

A girl's quest for beauty starts from wearing mother's hair accessories. She blushes at the youth's praise.
Fragrant Pistil

The handsome youth is her father's friend but at her age. When he smiles, even the sunlight is eclipsed.
Love Words

When meeting him, the girl became modest and gentle. She greets him calmly, but her heart trembles nervously.

She keeps his gift carefully. Though it's a common crystal rose, she thinks it represents something more.
Crystal Rose

The youth's laughter comes from outside and falls into her heart. The girl falls in love in this special night.
Flower Lover

As a beautiful and talent jeweler and designer, she often receives invitations to feature on covers.
Tender Days -Dream

On the slim but exquisite trailing dress, expensive pink diamonds and secret aroma attract butterflies.
Treasured Years -Dream

White ankle, pink crystal shoes, smooth steps. Maybe not that comfortable, but one can deny its perfectness.
Exquisite Snow -Dream

For the shoot, she specially designed a new hair accessory with pink diamonds like blooms in her temples.
Fragrant Pistil -Dream

Gossip? Old lovers? The reporters bombard her with questions but she only answers with shaking head.
Love Words -Dream

Her gentle and caring nature is praised by many coworkers, though this makes people ignore her inner heart.
Meditation -Dream

She prefers rose-style handbags and her products open a new market, creating a handbag line for the jewelry brand.
Crystal Rose -Dream

When reading news about him, she still has heart attacks. One day, she may give up reason and surrender to love.
Flower Lover -Dream

As a beautiful and talent jeweler and designer, when she has time occasionally, she would drink alone.
Tender Days -Night

On the slim but exquisite trailing dress, rare blue diamonds and secret aroma attract butterflies.
Treasured Years -Night

White ankle, blue crystal shoes, steps accompanied by ringing. Even when she's alone, she never relaxes.
Exquisite Snow -Night

To match this dress, she designed a new ornament with amethyst. Under the moonlight, stars shine on her temples.
Fragrant Pistil -Night

Gossip? Old lovers? She shakes her head but she knows she cannot even give herself an answer.
Love Words -Night

She is gentle and caring so that people would be grateful to her and ignores her inner mind.
Meditation -Night

No one knows why she prefers rose handbags. Even he has forgotten the gift he gave years ago.
Crystal Rose -Night

She's been following him and knows a lot about him. She may one day make an unexpected choice, or may not.
Flower Lover -Night

Treasured Years describes a well-known jewelry designer.

As a child, she lived a young and carefree life. She met a young man through her father, and fell for him at once. He made her heart tremble, and she loved his laugh. When he praised her hair accessory, borrowed from her mother in an effort to be beautiful, she blushed.

By the time of her graduation, she had transformed from a simple girl to a mature and elegant woman, wearing diamonds with her white dress and a more dazzling hairpin than her mother's. She hoped for the youth she loved, who she hadn't seen in years and missed dearly, to show up at her graduation. Though he does send her a graduation present - a rose-shaped handbag - she was let down when the end of the ceremony rolled around and she hadn't seen him.

As an adult, she inherited her father's jewelry business and became respected through her own merits. As a jewelry designer, she only wears jewelry she designed herself. She also wears a signature rose handbag everywhere, despite it being a dated style, and brings it back into fashion. However, nobody knows why she likes rose handbags - not even the youth who gave her the gift years ago.

She lives, though a successful life, a lonely one. She drinks alone, but never relaxes even when she's not with anyone. She has a gentle and caring nature, which distracts her peers and coworkers from her inner self and her true desires. People see her as perfect; she never allows herself to make mistakes.

She still follows the youth and keeps tabs on him, though she doesn't act. One day, though, she attends a dinner where he's the featured speaker. He is elegant and graceful, and their eyes meet for a moment. She greets him politely as the feelings from her childhood emerge again, though the smiles exchanged help her calm down.

Reporters catch wind of their interaction and ask whether or not they're old lovers, but she only shakes her head. Even to herself, she doesn't know how to answer, so she doesn't.

Though she only watches from a distance, hearing about him still affects her, and she feels the temptation to succumb to her love for him, against all reason and expectation.

Etymology Edit

Name by Server Edit

Version Name (Romanized) Translation
International International (English) Treasured Years N/A
France Flag International (French) Années Précieuses Precious years
Chinese Flag China (Simplified) 岁月珍宝 (Suìyuè zhēnbǎo) Years Treasure
Japanese Flag Japan 歳月の宝 (Saigetsu no takara) Treasure of Years
Korean Flag South Korea 월하 미인 (wolha miin) New Year Beauty
Singapore Flag Southeast Asia (English) Treasure of Time N/A

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