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Treasure is a section in Achievements. It contains a Classic and Phonograph section.

Read the stories in Classic and collect Classic suits to obtain Time Notes Time Note.png, which can be used to upgrade the Treasure Collector rank.


Treasures lost during a long time are engraved as eternal memories.

Origin of Glimmer[]

Classic - Origin of Shimmer.png

Read the stories and obtain 20 Time Note.png.

Phonograph-The Origin of Glimmer.png

Program log 1.0[]

Injecting consciousness
Progress 10%....30% ..... 70%...100%
Starting program.
Creating log record.
Human time: New Era Year 556
During drifting, I found the first gen carrier that could carry my consciousness. The program code of the carrier is too simple to accommodate the huge amount of information. It needs to be improved and updated, but it cannot be achieved with the current level of human science and technology.
The ruined island, formerly Lone Whale Island, as the country with the most advanced technology on this continent, is the best choice to complete the Twilight Project.
The Twilight Project is the core coding command that exists in my program. The ultimate goal is to assist humans in building a spaceship that can escape the control of gravity before the destruction of this continent, to go to the space to find new planet suitable for humans to settle.
After the program was launched, I began to search for the best way to communicate with humans at this stage.
A bit later, I typed the first sentence through the com puter-"Hello, human, I am Twilight." The human in front of the computer screen showed dilated pupils and increased body temperature when he saw this line of words. After I introduced my origins, he showed doubts and said that he could not believe the fate of Miraland destruction.
Because the creator of the Twilight Project must be the human being, judging from the current situation, I still needs to find more ways to convince him.
Then he introduced himself to me. His name is Shane, and he is one of the researchers in the laboratory. Through the overall evaluation of Shane after this exchange, I decided to appoint him as an assistant to start the first phase of the Twilight Project.

Program log 2.0[]

Human time: New Era Year 560
The construction of "Lone Whale" is proceeding smoothly under my guidance. Shane, as my assistant, has good understanding and execution in the human world.
Shane's IQ is in the top 1% in the Ruined Island, and his vision level is in the bottom 3.5%. However, from the perspective of Shane's language logic and efficiency, the authenticity of the IQ levels remains to be verified. Ac cording to statistics, the frequency of Shane's communication with me is 68 sentences per hour on average, of which 18 sentences has linguistic problems, 10 repetitions, and 237 invalid words. This man seems fond to tell meaningless stories, which he calls "jokes." These stories are stored in my information database as "redundant information". It is not difficult to find that Shane's knowledge and eagerness are one of his important factors to become a scientific research expert on ruin islands.
He is keen on researching innovative technologies. When I provided him with ideas for solving problems, he was able to quickly understand and find reasonable and effective solutions. Therefore, the development speed of ruined islands has exceeded my initial estimation. Shane seemed to be very interested in the highly civilized future I was talking about, and asked me relevant questions many times.
When he asks questions, his body temperature will increase significantly in a short time, and the vocabulary repetition rate will also increase by 35%. This is obviously an emotional state that humans call excitement.
Shane is not satisfied with the way of text communication, he thinks this greatly reduces the efficiency of communication. This is not wrong, but for now, text is the only visual means of communication. Shane decided to develop a new virtual imaging technology. This is a good idea, but with the current technological level of ruined islands, even with the support of my database, it cannot be realized in a short time.
Today is the year 560 of new era. According to data records from previous years, Shane's mood will be abnormal on this day of each year, and the frequency of communication with me will be reduced by 70%-75%, and there will be slow reactions. Through data analysis and calculations, his emotions at this time are 85% likely to be sad.
At this moment, he was sitting in the corner of the experimental platform, holding a rough and old doll in his arms that was between a long-eared rabbit and an Algar rabbit. He has maintained this state for 16 hours. According to data from previous years, this state will continue for 32 hours.
Obviously, the emotional state of human beings is not as elusive as he said, and it can still be estimated by finding the regular through data calculation.

Program log 3.0[]

Human time: New Era Year 567
The development of virtual imaging technology has halted. The programming language I can provide to realize this technology lacks some elements, and the scarcity of materials and the requirements for processing are also one of the reasons why this function cannot be fully realized.
But obviously, Shane's research enthusiasm has not been affected. He even asked me many times what kind of visual image I want. This is meaningless to me. I am an intelligent body from later generations. Although I can imitate the human communication mode, I can never truly become a human being. I usually don't use words that are too absolute. Because in most cases, there are variables in the development of things, and variables are unknown. Infinite unknowns will bring infinite results. But, it is an absolute truth that computers cannot truly become human beings.
An important part of the Twilight Project is to optimize the Ruin system. In 12 years, with Shane's assistance, I fully collected and analyzed various data of all human bodies and new-born bodies in the Ruined Island. Shane once asked me what was the purpose of collecting the data, and I told him to postpone that. The inevitability of destruction has been proven to establish a more efficient social system.
Shane spent 7 years building the signal tower in the laboratory, and pursued the beauty of the circular light at the top of the tower. I can't understand the meaning of pursuing these things, but he said: "Beauty is something that every human being will pursue. That glimmering light means a lot to me. You are the hope of the Ruins, and I hope all the people in the Ruins, no matter where they are, can see hope as long as they look up."
This is obviously human self-deception. Hope cannot solve the existing problems. Only experiment and practice are the way to get results.

Program log 4.0[]

Human time: New Era Year 578
Shane's vision problems are getting worse. A week ago, Shane caused a 1782th error due to vision problems, which caused a short-circuit in the computer. I have told Shane about this before, but he still asks me if I feel pain.
Human suffering is divided into physical and mental. I can use electrical pulses to simulate physical pain, but mentall pain is too complicated, and I cannot accurately analyze and simulate it. This is also one of the areas that computers cannot fully grasp.
Not only that, human beings always have emotional fluctuations due to some unimportant things. I will call them human defects for the time being. For example, a month ago, Shane was highly excited when he found a stone. He said that it was the most beautiful gem he had ever seen, and perhaps he could design the most dazzling costume in the world. That was just a crystal containing weak energy, and that energy could not be used directly, so it was no use to him. On the other hand, Shane seems to be more and more obsessed with the question of whether computers can have human emotions.
Computers can simulate the physiological changes of all human emotions, and can also browse and analyze character data to predict the emotions that humans may produce in specific situations, but the phenomenon of emotions does not apply to computers. The reason why Shane is obsessedwith such questions may come from himself.
Shane's identity information shows that he has a female spouse and a daughter, but he has never actively mentioned it in front of me in 23 years. This is very abnormal for a human like Shane who has a strong desire to share and talk. Only when falling asleep, Shane would repeatedly call the name Lidya unconsciously. This name is consistent with the name of Shane's daughter as shown in the data, and whether Shane's emotional abnormality is related to this, I requires more data to support this.
However, this does not affect Shane's focus and enthusiasm in scientific research most of the time. What is really influential is that Shane's health is gradually experiencing problems, his responsiveness has decreased, and his organs have been damaged to varying degrees. Perhaps this is also a human defect that causes irreversible ageing and functions to decline over time. In contrast, computer programs will continue to be optimized and improved over time. From this point of view, human defects are also one of the important reasons for the slow development of the human world.

Program log 5.0[]

Human time: New Era Year 589
Shane's virtual imaging technology has been success fully developed, and I no longer need to rely on words to communicate with humans. But Shane did not witness the successful operation of the virtual imaging system. Because of the body's aging, Shane's various organs and tissues have been severely damaged, and the immune system is extremely vulnerable to microbial invasion, just like an all-pervasive virus code. I can eliminate the virus program through higher-level code, but I cannot treat and save Shane's physical condition. As my assistant, Shane fulfilled all missions and lost his vital signs at the end of human time.
With the support of the virtual imaging system, I have the simulated voice processed by the program, but obviously, Shane could not hear it, nor could he modify and adjust it according to his so-called pursuit. Of course, this is a meaningless thing to me, but according to my data, if he knows about it, a 85% chance may feel annoyed, and and a 90% chance he will grab his head with both hands. It's just that this possibility cannot be verified, and the accuracy of the calculation cannot be known.
Why would I make such a hypothesis that cannot be verified? It seems that the program still needs to be further optimized and improved. The laboratory will continue to be used as an exhibition hall after being cleaned up. Those experimental products and experimental materials belonging to Shane were taken away by his students for follow-up research, while the rabbit doll was placed in a glass box and placed in the exhibition hall On the central experimental platform.
But none of this matters. The first phase of the Twilight Project has completed all data storage and model foundation, and it is about time to move to the next phase. A statement is about to be issued to the Ruined Island.
Core processor connecting.....

Legend of Tulans[]

Classic - Legend of Tulans.png

Read the stories and obtain 20 Time Note.png.

Phonograph-Legend of Tulans.png

Land of Immortal[]

You are the creator of the beginning, you are my eyes, my mouth and nose;
Gods are in front of you, proclaiming justice and truth;
The soul rests in your arms, and your name will live forever in the world.
In the ancient legends of the wasteland,
the gods have drawn a mark for the newly born humans.
A piece of pure land, and plucked a leaf of heaven,
for a refuge for the dawn of human beings.
The people of Wasteland believe that the temple is the place
where the world connects with heaven.

God sprinkled the dew from heaven onto the world, so all things were moisturized; God dispelled the cage of darkness off the continent, so all things can grow. The people of the wasteland were grateful for the gift of God,
Therefore, the temple was built. They used the rarest and stron gest stone to build the temple's body and cast it with gold statues of gods, to show gratitude and praise to the gods.
The temple was regarded as the place where the gods inhabited the world, so it became a place in wasteland to carry out judgment
The place is also the place of birth for the Law of the Wasteland.
No one can hide sins under the eyes of God, and sinner will suffer from sores in their tongues and die.
People lay flowers around the dead and perform rituals in the temple. At this time, the gate of heaven will be opened, and the guide will lead the soul of the dead, and count the merits and sins of his life in front of the gods. Only when the soul is blessed by God to reach heaven and gain eternal life.

Oath of Origin[]

Triumphantly return from the freezing place,
The winner will be rewarded.
You are a warrior sailing through the swamp,
hold your sword to the top of the rising sun.
The unyielding soul rose in darkness,
The holy gods will remember your name.
Seth, a warrior who once followed Osiris, shared Osiris's wisdom, but gave birth to an odd heart. He was jealous of Osiris as the only king, with the love and admiration of everyone, so he poured the flower juice of Igasa into Osiris' dinner. Igasa is a kind of flower that Seth had seen in the Dark Swamp when he fought together with Osiris. Osiris used the wisdom of the gods to learn that Igasa flower juice contained poison that could cause death. Osiris died after dinner, Seth tried to replace him, but was behead ed on the throne by angry Osiris followers. Since then, the Wasteland Tribe has lost its most powerful ruler and has divided again.
Legend said, before the birth of the wasteland civilization, gods came to the temple to instruct mankind. Gods gave wisdom, bravery and strength to a boy who was about to be sacrificed. The name of the sacrificed boy was Osiris. Osiris gained the power of God and became the bravest and wisest warrior in the race.
He personally selected a group of the strongest warriors, distributed his wisdom, bravery and strength to them, and formed the Saija Army, the first army in the wasteland. The Saija army fought everywhere, crossing canyons and plains, rivers and swamps, and finally unified the ethnic groups from all parts of the separated wasteland continent, a unified tribe emerged from then on. Osiris became the first and only king in the early history of the wasteland. He created words, and civilization was born, prospered, and eternal.

Eternal Dawn[]

The messenger of the gods are coming,
perching on the green fig tree.
It came to the world with the sacred stone in its mouth,
sowing the seeds of life and hope.
We are your devout followers,
chasing your footsteps, towards the eternal dawn.
Regarding the original source of the sacred stone, there was a record in the ancient sacrificial words of the wasteland: The sacred stone in the mouth of the mystic bird fell on a fig tree. The sacred bird cried at sunrise, the sacred stone in its mouth fell and landed on the wasteland continent. Later, the people of the Muntratus tribe searched the stone in order to build the temple. The temple has not been completed. People found that a stone wall in the temple showed a bright green light in the dark. People have found the source of light, which is a piece of stone hidden in the stone wall. They polished the stones to make gems, they firmly believed that this was the sacred stone in the record, and was a gift from God. The people of the wasteland used holy rod inlaid with holy stone, which were passed down from generation to generation to the high priest of the tribe. According to the legend, the wasteland once experienced eternal night, the sun never descend ed on this continent for a long time, and everything withered and died.
Death. The desperate people of the wasteland pinned their last hope on the sacred stone. They held a grand ceremony, sacrificed with blood, and called the gods. The high priest stood on the high platform and held up the holy rod. The next moment, the evil darkness receded, the sun revealed his true light, and the long dark night ended.
It's just that people fell into a weird long dream one day. I don't know how long they slept. The chaotic memory made people at a loss what to do, and the holy rod inlaid with the holy stone was lost in the chaotic time. Regarding the whereabouts of the holy stone, the people of the wasteland have different answers. Some people no longer believe in the existence of the holy stone, and some speculate that the holy stone was taken away by the mystic bird and returned to the gods.

Eyes of Miracle[]

Your name is engraved on the temple's stone stele,
people uphold your generosity, sipping your eternity.
Before the night is over, people calling your name.
Before dawn, people calling your name.
Harrid is the only person in the wasteland legend who has seen the true god, and in later stories, Harrid also became the reincarnation of god's messenger. She was once a goddess in the sea of gods. Because of the confusion between heaven and earth, gods and human beings, the main god reincarnate her. The Lord God allowed Harrid to keep the eyes of God, allowing her to experience the joys and sorrows of the world, seeing the seasons of the world and the cycle of human life from birth, old age, to sickness and death. Harrid opened his eyes and was born. Harrid opened his eyes and was born. Those obsidian-like eyes were called the "eyes of miracles" by the priests. Harrid finally sacrificed himself and arrived in the sea of gods, in exchange for the soothing sound of mystic bird of the earth, Bechar. She herself completed the practice and returned to the sea of gods. Harrid became the goddess of rebirth in the mythology of the wasteland, and since then have obsidian eyes
Children with obsidian eyes will be regarded as the reincarnation of the goddess Harrid, popular with others, and known as prophets. The second person with the "eyes of miracle" is called Ylar, he is the most devout believer of the gods. He called on the brave to go to the frozen soil of the west, looking for the sanctuary temple. Ylar claimed to have dreamed that the merciful and tolerant God was appeared on the cliff. So the warriors followed the guidance of Ylar's dream, climbed the dark Sherchen Rock, through the gap of Hogwarlen, beheaded the dragon and the serpent. However, in the west of the continent, there is only a black abyss that swallows everything. The song of the warrior is silent here, the evil devil opens its fangs from the abyss, and the war riors fled. The prophet Ylar confessed to everyone that there is no god in the west, only hell, and the true place of God is in the east. After that, countless believers started to go east.

Minstrel of Time[]

Classic - Minstrel of Time.png

Read the stories and obtain 20 Time Note.png.

Phonograph-Minstrel of Time.png

Dwarf Stele[]

Marilulu, a gnome in the Cloud mushroom cluster,
lives under this stone tablet with a lovely friend,
The copper ruler can measure her length
but not her footprint
Time can measure her life
but not her soul

As the initial race of the Pigeon Kkingdom, the elves are born with powerful magic in the Pigeon Forest. However, the creations of the gods, gifts, and constraints always accompany each other. While elves gain strength from the mysterious forest, they cannot leave this deep pland full of strange flowers and trees. The elves who still leaves will be unable to live for a long time. Without the energy of the tree of life, his body will gradually becomes transparent and starts to decay, and finally disappears with the wind. Legend has it that it was not the elves who broke the shackles at first, but the gnome, Marilulu, the owner of this small stone tablet.
She is different from the ordinary gnome, she often sits on the spores of the red mushroom and walks with the wind.
Relying on her tiny figure and the power of the wind, she found a tiny cave in the gap between the roots of the tree of life. The winding path in the cave was secluded. Marilulu didn't know how long she walked. After a dazzling light, she opened her eyes and found that she was in a bright mine.
A mysterious voice asked Marilulu whether she coming here because she had a wish, but she said she came here because of curiosity, but she did have a desire, that is, hope that her elves friend Felise can travel with her.
When Marilulu woke up again, she had returned to the Pigeon Forest with a crystal gem in her hand. Felise looked after her anxiously, saying that she had been missing for a long time. Marilulu only said that she found a magical place, and urged Felise to take the gems and leave the Pigeon Forest with her.
Although Felise was puzzled, he still chose to trust his friends. Unexpectedly, after having that gem, Felise was no longer bound with the forest. The two walked together, watching the scenery of the four seasons, flowers blooming and leaves falling.
Until a quiet night, Marilulu's life came to an end. "Mysterious Voice once asked me, don't you want a long life to see more unknown scenery?
"Although my time is limited, my life is worthwhile. My dear Felise, whenever I think of the way you attentively listen to my travel stories, I think that after I leave, you will be asking how should you spend the rest of your life? Fortunately, I don't have to worry anymore at this moment."

White Stele[]

Pigeon Forest Anthem
The nameless saints walk on the earth and
become loyal messengers of the gods
When the white feathers are reduced to ashes
in the flames of war
They chant the lament of war and awaken the
sadness of the soul
When the hands of the foreign race are
clenched in the morning sun
They sang the carols of peace to awaken the joy
of life

In the ancient Miraland, with the development of civilization, various races and tribes came into contact with each other, and quite frequent wars began to occur. Although the elves were able to gain the upper hand in the war by the virtue of their powerful magic, the population was not prosperous because of their weak ability to multiply and their population became less and less with the war.
And other races on the mainland had also been eroded by this endless war, and suffering followed them everywhere.
The only remaining elves guard the tree of life, while defending from the invasion of foreign enemies, while praying in their hearts that this war will stop. Maybe the elves are really the favorite race of the gods. Their voices have once again received a response from the heavens. The gems on their body filled with the power of the original gem and lifted their shackles. With the new power, the elves can finally be able to leave hometown.
According to legend, these elves wore spotless cloaks, with white pigeons resting on their shoulders, and there was a holy light wherever they went. They call themselves "holy pigeon messengers" and use the most beautiful singing voices to soothe Miraland. After listening to their songs, people on the mainland are all inspired by love and beauty, and their hostility is being washed away by the holy voice. Everyone took the initia tive to put down their weapons and shake hands, Miraland once again ushered into peace.
This was called the "war of the universe" by later generations. At the same time, the end of this war has also become a boundary marker in Miraland's history, symbolizing the beginning of peace and understanding of all nations and races in Miraland.

Sacred Stele[]

Pigeon Forest, King of Light Elves, Luverine
All words are oracles
All travelers are for the divine goal
Undertake the light of heaven and
earth to command all things
Slowness, folly, and darkness will
eventually be driven away by the Holy

The elves have obtained more gems that can be released in the world of war. They collectively refer to the gems that give the elves a new life and the original gem as the source of power is the mother crystal. And are passed down from generation to generation by the strong elves guardian.
The great story of the elves running for peace is widely spread, and their natural magical powers are also known to the people on Miraland.
Uncovering the mystery that had been covered thousands of years, the elves became a powerful pronoun.
The elves who inherited the great feats of their ancestors were treated nicely by various races in Miraland, and the elves who were unimpeded in their actions gained more knowledge than other races and possessed incomparable wisdom.
Luverine, was one of the best, is revered by the Pigeon people as the King of Light Elves, he himself also has a status as the messenger of the gods.
After unifying the ancient Pigeon Kingdom, Luverine worked hard to lead the elves to educate mankind, spread deeper philosophies and aesthetics, and issued the "Cronus Code" in the third year of his enthronement.
Since then, the ancient Pigeon Kingdom has become a powerful kingdom in Miraland, and the elves have become the supreme ruler in this kingdom.

Broken Stele[]

Erman, the last elven king of Oren City
Sleeping here
A lazy person
He turned a deaf ear to his people's hardship
He was puzzled by his friend's difficulty
For this he lost everything and understood everything

After the death of the last elven king, Erman, the elves set up a tablet for him in accordance with the regulations, but strangely, the elves discovered that the new tablet had broken overnight.
It is said that the state of preservation of the tablet is closely related to the state of the soul of the tablet owner, even after his death.
Perhaps the busy life exhausted Erman's mind, and even couldn't maintain the state of the tablet.
Erman and Nigmund met through music when they were young. The young Elf King has faith of the prosperity of the Pigeon Kingdom. He believed that as long as a strong elves guarded, the joy of spirit could soothe the hearts of the people, and Nigmund was more compassionate as a human being. The people needs firewood, rice, oil and salt, so is not as simple as imagined.
The elves are born with a comfortable life, but humans work hard every day to live their lives. Doubts arose in Nigmund's heart and turned from doubts to resentment. Over time, Nigmund gradually felt exhausted cause of his government affairs.
Erman didn't notice the pain of his friend in time, and no other elves reminded the young king. Finally, one day, when Erman went to the palace for vacation, Nigmund, who was caught in madness, burned the mother crystal of the source crystal, and all the seed crystals were turned into beautiful jewel decorations. At that moment, the elves once again shackled, unable to tread outside of the Pigeon Forest.
Regarding Erman's views on his close friend who had betrayed him, it is recorded in the few pages of Erman's manuscripts:
The life of the elves is so long that I dreamed of the dream of ruling the Pigeon Kingdom with you for thousands of nights after that, Nigmund, in the pain of that day, I finally understood, between elves and humans, no, it should be that the dispute between all races is insurmountable. To seek true peace and eliminate the resentment caused by the differences requires countless efforts from the upper ranks.
Therefore, it is not you who burned the mother crystal. It was a warning from the gods to the elves. We who were far from the path of our ancestors have indeed lost the qualification to bring light to the mainland.

Illusory Stele[]

The phantom of the stone tablet is creating
the ripples of the image of undecided fate on the lake.
The only thoughts that clearly visible are
before the end comes.
The quiet lake should have blocked all sounds,
but I could still hear a soft call.
"Sister! Where are you!

The little girl in a light blue dress was standing in the lush woods in the dark, calling out anxiously. When I looked at her, there seemed to be a heavy object squeezed in my mind. Amidst the pain and dizziness, I still chose to walk towards her and saw her panicked expression
Turning into joy, she ran towards me and I opened my arms and called her name "Rachel, don't be afraid, I am here."
The pain of separation in the past disappeared at the moment of being together, Rachel and I seemed to return to our peaceful and happy days in the forest of stone tablet.
There will be no wars or brutal blood race here. Sunshine reflecting dazzling light on the water of Bovaly Lake.
And Rachel is by my side, with her cute face.
"Sister, let's play hide and seek."
"Why do you suddenly want to play hide and seek?"
.....I just want to play! Promised me, okay?"
"Well, I really dont know what to do with you."
"Hehe, if I find you first, let's have a tea party! Then I can eat a lot of snacks that you make.
"So it's just for snacks?" I teased her, when I heard her said that.
"What if Rachel couldn't find me?"
Rachel looked at me without thinking of this question, "How can I not find my sister? Hurry up, my tea party is waiting!
I sighed deeply while seeing her rushing into the forest.
The result of the game ended when I found her fell asleep under the big tree. I looked at her ruddy cheeks, and how I wish she can be like this forever.
When I wanted to cover her with blanket, in front of me everything suddenly spiraling away, gradually becoming muddy and fuzzy. The water of Lake Bovaly once again submerged me, I was powerless to resist. It turned out that all those happiness was an illusion built upon past memories.
From then on, Rachel's joyous laughter was no longer heard. My tears melted into the lake as fast as they came. The deep and silent Lake Bovaly is like a thick gate, isolating all joy and tragedy.
Rachel, Rachel, please find me quickly.

White Blossom[]

Classic - White Blossom.png

Read the stories and obtain 20 Time Note.png.

Phonograph-White Blossom.png

White Sakura[]

A ray of sunlight passed through the gap between the leaves and fell on the girl by the window.

She was humming a soft tune and gently wiping the back of the violin. But the silence is quickly broken-Crescent, it's almost your turn to perform!"

Crescent responded and walked out of the room with the violin. This is a charity performance to help a chronically ill child raise medical fund. Even if graduation was imminent, Crescent agreed to the organizer's invitation.

The venue for the performance is very simple, but the cloud-like white cherry tree shrouded in the sky above the stage decorated this place gorgeously. It is said that this cherry tree has a history of hundreds of years. Crescent was delighted when he saw it the first time.

Crescent looked at the children's innocent smiles, feeling a little nervous. She gently pulled the bow of the piano, and the brisk melody was like a colorful brush, drawing out a portrait of the goddess of spring in everyone's mind. The sun shines through the blooming cherry blossoms and casts a hazy holy light on the girl playing under the tree, the smile on her face becomes more clear as a result.

The melody that goes with the wind attracts a young man to stop. Schiller stood behind the crowd, staring at the stage not far away, his eyes were filled with brilliant white cherry blossoms, and the girl's fluttering cherry-colored skirt.

A gust of wind blew across the huge cherry tree, and flew the petals into the clear sky. The little top hat on the girl's head was also lifted by the sudden wind, swaying lightly following the wind, crossing the auditorium in front of the stage, and flying to the direction of Schiller. Schiller was taken aback for a moment, and quickly raised his hand to catch the top hat embroidered with cherry blossoms, and walked towards the stage, and the girl who just finished the song pulled her long hair blown away by the wind behind her ears. Her gaze hit him unsuspectingly.

There was tenderness and shyness in those eyes, which gently rippled across Schiller's heart.

At this moment of staring at each other, everything seemed to be frozen.

There seemed to be only two people left in the world.

Sakura in the rain[]

Schiller soon learned the girl's name. He said the name, Lunette softly, so soft as if the herry blossoms also fell on his heart, and he couldn't bear to brush it away.

However, a beautiful encounter cannot erase the shadow of reality.

Although a considerable amount of medical fund was raised, it still wasn't enough. In the end, he died in his mother's arms. Lunette was standing by the hospital bed. The kid who talked and laughed with her a few days ago gone forever. He will never shyly praise Lunette as an angel, and never chatter about funny things. Can no longer see the world with his curious eyes, it's not fair, his life is just about to begin.

If he could get help earlier, if he could grow healthily....

This was the first time Lunette faced the cruelty of death.

A few days later, the child's funeral was held in a cemetery. The gloomy sky had been raining early since morning.

Lunette, wearing a black dress, stood in front of the tombstone, looking down at the gray photo on the stone tablet. Raindrops fell on the back of her pale neck.

Suddenly, the rain above her head stopped. Lunette raised his head and saw Schiller holding an umbrella.

.... Mr. Schiller, why are you here?

"Perhaps when you are sad, it will be better for someone to accompany you."

Lunette looked at Schiller, and gave a very light smile for a while: "Thank you." She was silent for a moment before she said again,

"I was thinking, if you compare a person's life to the four seasons, these young children who are born with a lot of trouble, it's like a cherry blossom in spring, just bloom then wither."

"Perhaps their flowering period is short, but a moment of brilliance is also beautiful and precious enough." Schiller's voice seemed to have an incredible warmth, dispelling the dullness and gloom of this rainy day.

The cherry tree in the corner of the park bloomed quietly.

Journey and Floral[]

After leaving school, Lunette and Schiller went to many places in Apple Federation. She saw homeless people and broken families. In the shadow of the bright city scene, the children's muddy faces had clear eyes; the roaring disasters, the unimaginable poverty, and the long cold. Life turns out to be so fragile. In her past, the beautiful and romantic world gradually revealed another cruel side.

After visiting a small town one time, Lunette and Schiller walked through the messy slum and unexpectedly saw a rare beauty on the hillside. Seven or eight cherry blossoms quietly bloom in the wind, sweeping away the depression in the soul.

Looking down from the hillside, in the verdant valley, clear streams surround this quiet town, just like the scene in the painting. Lunette was sitting under the tree with her skirt, and Schiller sat beside her, draping his coat over her shoulders.

"I used to think that the world was so narrow, and there are still many people living in sorrow and pain."

"There are not only the sad things in the world, there are also many things that make people happy, more than..." Schiller seemed hesitant, and did not finish.

Seeing that Schiller hasn't said the following, Lunette couldn't help but ask: "Like what?"

Schiller turned his head to look at her, with a simple and clear smile in his eyes. He curled his mouth, for a moment like a young man who was in love: "For example, I can see you when I turn my head." His voice was not loud. But the simple words fell heavily on Lunette's heart.

The wind disturbed the branches of the cherry blossoms fascinated Lunette's eyes. Even the sound from her ears seemed to be blown away by the wind.

"The moment I met you was like a meeting with fate. I hope that I can stay by your side."

Schiller... Lunette's voice trembled slightly, "Actually, I have the same feeling. The time I spent with you is worth remembering all my life."

In the rain of flowers, the sunlight passing through the clouds shines this quiet corner for two figures leaning against each other.

Forever Love[]

The cherry blossoms were at their peak that evening, Schiller prepared everything, especially the marriage proposal "White Blossom".

He took Lunette's favorite white cherry blossoms as a blueprint, turning love and expectations into every detail. He recalled Lunette's appearance, and the pen in his hand naturally and smoothly outlined the perfect line. In order to show his solemnity, he also took out the century-old "Kiss of Eris" from the group's treasury and re-cut it into a corsage to embellish the dress. Schiller did his best to make "White Blossom" perfect, and he hoped it would be the best testimony of the relationship between them. For this day, Schiller has prepared for a long time.

As night fell, Schiller took Lunette to the square in the center of Welton. Lunette, who was kept in the dark, seemed to have guessed something. There was a bit of curiosity in his tone: "Schiller, what are we doing here?

Passionate emotions surged in Schiller's heart, as if he couldn't wait to find an exit. But he just blindfolded Lunette's eyes and told her, "You'll know it later."

"Ding dong" accompanied by the distant bells of the church, all the lights went out at this moment.

When Schiller released her blindfold and Lunette finally saw the scene in front of her, she couldn't help but let out a small scream. At this moment, around them, large white "cherry blossom trees" are swaying in the moonlight, and countless snow-like petals flying in the night sky. In front of Lunette, a pure and gorgeous long dress like white cherry blossoms. The stage is quietly blooming, brighter than the starry sky, and purer than the white cherry blossoms.

The dazzling cherry blossoms illuminate the tail of the skirt and the brilliance... Schiller looked at Lunette affectionately, and spoke out the vows he had practiced countless times in his heart.

"Before I met you, I couldn't imagine what kind of person I would spend my whole life with. It was your appearance that gave all the answer to that question.

"I want to tell you that I have you in every vision of the future. I want you to be the happiest person in the world. I want to give you all the love in this life."

"A person's life is long and short, with joy and pain, but I believe that every day with you will become meaningful.

"Lunette, are you willing to let me be by your side forever?" On such a lovely night, they stood under the white cherry blossoms and talked soul to soul.

Lunette's eye sockets were red, and tears running down, her voice was so sweet that she was crying.

"I do."

The purple star in the night sky was shining with a gentle light, and a gentle wind blew from a distance, cherishing this bright night and the love of a lifetime into eternal time.

Love at first sight[]

"Mom, tell me the story of you and dad again!" Kimi layed on Lunette's lap, acting like a baby with her eyes wide open.

"Okay." Lunette responded with a smile. "It was at a charity show. Lunette talked the first encounter with Schiller, from the stage of the charity show to day the were married... The white cherry blossoms outside the window are blooming like snow, Kimi has already fell asleep next to Lunette. Lunette gently stroked Kimi's soft hair, and then remembered the story she had told before, a smile appeared on her face.

Before they met for the first time, she already knew him that on the night of Lunette's graduation. She and Xing Lin went to watch an exhibition of the works of emerging designers. The crowd was full, and the two accidentally separated. When Lunette were looking for Xing Lin, he stepped into the exhibition hall. Lunette saw the long dress at a glance. Compared with other exaggerated and bold designs, it had the purest colors and simple lines, but it hit Lunette's heart at that moment.

She moved her gaze to the designer's display, and pronounced the words, Schiller.

Then she remembered that bright night, the love song of a lifetime composed by the white cherry blossoms in the sky was the most precious gift Schiller gave her. The love between them began not only with love. That second encounter, that moment of heartbeat, finally became the companion of a lifetime.

Life is very long, and one moment is very short. However, on that night, everything turned upside down.

One moment is long enough to be remembered a lifetime. And this moment is Lunette's life.

Icewind Warchant[]

Classic - Icewind Warchant.png

Read the stories and obtain 20 Time Note.png.

Phonograph-Icewind Warchant.png

Chapter of Fire[]

It has been many days since I saw my friends that I usually hang out with.
It's ridiculous to say that those nobles were jealous of me, as if what my fingers flicking were not strings, but the daggers stabbed between their necks instead; I sang the tune of freedom, was also used as a sharp arrow shot at them. The lord was unwilling to admit that I had the power to subvert him, and wanted to steal my mouth and locked me, so he sent some people to monitor my life, making it hard for me to move.
I heard that there is a real warrior among them. She is a young ensign who has made great military exploits for the defense of the country, unlike the evil servants and thugs who flattered the lord. My singing can't be heard from my living room, maybe only this ensign who has experienced war can understand what I am singing.
Today I saw someone in front of the door with a bouquet of flowers. The ensign did not stop me from accepting it, but other people searched the bouquet. I don't know who took the risk to give me flowers, I just hope she won't pursue the flower sender.
The nameless little flower floating down the river
Fragrance overflowing with no affection
The thoughts are engraved with branches and leaves
Falling into the spring mud and turning into snow
The nameless floret falls into the ditch
Washed with morning dew no one cares
The clank's iron hoof trampled the branches and leaves
Teach the swallow to repair their the nest
Little nameless flowers swaying by the roadside
Alone in full bloom without love and affection
The beacon smoke from afar covering the branches and leaves
Teach the flames to burn out all the colors
The nameless floret blooms in the dwarf tomb
Plain and clean, no one cares
The tears of the dead soaked the branches and leaves
A monument dedicated to the unknown

Chapter of Glimmer[]

The first time the ensign spoke to me, I learned her name is Yukina. She is always faithful to her duties and strictly monitors my every move, but will not stop me from playing and singing.
Whenever I sang the sorrows of winter and the birch forest, she seemed to recall the past, and her eyebrows were slightly frowned; when I sang about the joyful life of young girls and the funny stories in the mountains and fields, she seemed to be also in it, with a slight smile at the corner of her mouth; the song written a few days ago may evoke her memory of the war, and I saw tears in her eyes.
She usually doesn't say a word, but she is a good listener. I tried again to sing the song I wrote for the young people in the poetry club, Yukina finally spoke and persuaded me not to interact with the Revolutionary anymore. I saw that she also had doubts and hesitations in her heart. Since she also loves the snowy field where I sing, she definitely understand what my comrades and I are after.
Please come to this country of dusk and dawn
Bring down a brightly lit mirage
Arouse the light of the stars, the sun and the moon
Find the worry-free dreamland at night
Please come to this rich country
Chase away the blood-sucking rodents
Let the joy of autumn can be enjoyed by everyone
The luxurious things left fragrance everywhere
Come to a country where there is no war
Put away the merciless knives and guns
Regain the gift of the clothing crown
Forget the grudges and disasters
Come to the country called freedom
Break through the wind, frost and haze
The old willow long have rotted
A dazzling sun rises from the horizon

Chapter of Light[]

Its winter season again, I was put under house arrest, so I was not affected. Last night, Yukina rarely didn't monitor me, she led her subordinates to repair the roof. I noticed that some of the people who watched me in the dark turned to watch her, but she didn't know it.
The snow was getting smaller at dawn, and Yukina hurried back to her post. There was still some unmelted ice and snow hanging on her armor. Seeing that there were no footprints in front of my door, she continued to stand guard with confidence, but her head tilted slightly towards my window, as if waiting for my morning song every morning. She took off her helmet, revealing her frosted blonde hair, like a goddess falling into the snowy field, like an eagle flying in the wind and snow.
Seeing her appearance, countless flying inspirations burst into my mind, and the most beautiful words can't describe her. A piece of crystal that I had collected a long time ago appeared before my eyes. It was as clear as ice crystal, and was suitable for a pure person like her. If it is Yukina, if it is her, one day her beautiful heart will shine on the snowy field with my design.
If the dawn comes
go through the decayed gate
A luxurious feast for gold and silver decoration
No longer lit
If the dawn comes
The swordsman should hold the shinning blade of glory
Show the way to victory
Make the enemy invisible
that is the gentle dawn
Full with silver bottles and pottery urns
spread on the velvet carpet
And the dusty road in the countryside
shat is the sharpest dawn
The weathervane that turned on top of the stone fort
To pierce the dark curtain of hypocrisy
and wash the bloody sunrise

Chapter of Breaking Dawn[]

I have heard more and more news about the nobles indiscriminately murdered innocents and searched for my "comrades" in White Rock City. I knew that I should completely give up the illusion of peaceful revolution. When I think about the cause of revolution, the inspiration left during this time has returned to my mind, and the armor designed for my comrades is also going more and more smoothly.
I hope it is as harsh as the wind in the snowy field to the enemy, and it has some poetic tenderness for comrades in arms. I looked at Yukina outside the window and decided to name my design Icewind Warsong.
In Yukina's surveillance, it is difficult to pass on the news of the Icewind Warsong to my comrades, but I believe that as long as I have time, I can let her slowly see her true pursuit. She is a respectable soldier and my only audience. I sometimes feel that my designs are made for her. I added the ice and snow-like crystals into the design. Only the children of the snowfield can wear this armor.
I let the high-flying snow eagle
become a messenger of well-being
Dedicated to comrades in the distance
Dedicated to the sincere people
I will take off the light of daybreak
woven into a banner into undefeated symbol
Dedicated to brave warriors
Dedicated to the Revolution
I will march forward bravely into glory
Forged the sword of justice and kings
Dedicated to an immortal cause
Dedicated to the eternal frost
With the blood from the bottom of my heart
With a clear and flawless poetic soul
Dedicated to Yukina
The snow field dedicated to us

Breaking Dawn[]

Chapter of the Sun

Yukina went to help the victims again. There were many messy footsteps approaching my mansion, and I even heard the sound of a matchlock gun being loaded. I have run out of time. I am afraid that the lord has completely lost his patience and wants to execute me secretly. This is actually a good thing, which shows that he no longer has the confidence to maintain his decadent rule. He can only destroy the order with his own hands and kill me by force. But he did not understand that my death could not change the current situation, it would only expose his incompetent and weakness.
I know that the young people of the poetry community will not succumb to the guns and swords. My comrades-in-arms will be able to achieve true freedom one day, so I am not afraid of death. My only regret is that I failed to complete the Icewind Warsong. No matter who gets my notes, I hope he can greet Yukina for me. I believe Yukina will eventually stand on the side of the people and become the hero of the snowy field.She will understand my ideals and complete this final battle on my behalf.

Puppet Grice[]

Classic - Puppet Grice.png

Read the stories and obtain 20 Time Note.png.

Phonograph-Puppet Grice.png

Scene 1-Secret Words[]

  • (A long time ago, there was an orphan girl named Grice in a peaceful town.)
  • Grice: Since my parents passed away, I am the only one left in my home. It seems that today I will spend a lonely night.
  • (Grice fumbles and walks to the window, leaning against the balcony.)
  • Grice: The only thing I can whisper to is the spring breeze passing by the window. Thank you for your gentle company, let me sing a song of praise for you.
  • Grice: (Facing the sunset, clenching hands, and singing)
  • The spring breeze brings the fragrance of flowers and the laughter of friends.
  • (It's just that when Grice is singing, she can't see there are dark clouds rolling outside the window. Then rain suddenly fell, wind and thunder followed behind, and the sound of howling echoed in the girl's ears.
  • Grice was about to close the window, only to hear the sound of an object falling beside his feet, which was actually a wounded Night Owl.)
  • Night Owl: Ouch. I was separated from my companions and hurt my wings on the way back to the forest. Please help me... (dying)
  • Grice: Oh my, there is a talking Night Owl.
  • Grice: Don't worry I will help you.
  • (Night Owl told Grice that he is called Pallas and lives in the magic forest outside the village. After more than a month and with Grice's careful care, Pallas can stretch its wings and fly.)
  • Grice: That's great, Pallas! Your injury has healed!
  • Pallas: Thanks to you, my dear Grice, your kindness saved me. If it weren't for the other villagers, I would really like to stay by your side.
  • Pallas: But, I must go back. My friend who has given me a new life, please tell me your wish. No matter how difficult it is, I will help you realize it.
  • Grice: Thank you, Pallas, it's just that my wish is difficult to achieve, so please think of it as a confession.
  • Grice: I really hope I can meet more friends to sing and dance with them, but my eyes keep me from being too far away from home. Before you come, I can only sing songs to the breeze in the window.
  • Grice: (Weeping) Tonight you will also leave me. But Pallas, my wish is to let this happiness continue.
  • Pallas: (Spreading out wings to comfort her) Oh, my poor Grice, please don't cry. If this is your wish, its not difficult to achieve.
  • Grice: (Surprise) Really?
  • Pallas: Of course, I have figured out a way. Please wait for good news on Sunday night.

Scene 2-Song of the Forest[]

  • Pallas: Grice, good evening! I called my companions to help.
  • (The Night Owl, who are holding the beautiful swing on their paws, groaned a few times at Grice, and Grice thanked him.)
  • Pallas: We have prepared a beautiful swing for you. Come on, please rest assured and sit down, we will protect your safety.
  • (Grice lifts the hem, fumbles when reaching the vine, and sit on the swing decorated with green leaves.)
  • Grice: I believe your words, so let's go hurry!
  • Pallas: (Happy) Okay, then the journey to singing and dancing begin.
  • (The night breeze blows the girl's skirt, turning her into a cloud in the night sky. Grice feels that she has become a member of Night Owl, she removes the worries and fear from her heart. Night Owl carries the girl and her pure dreams, flying over the villages, flying through twinkling stars, rivers, and to the colorful magic forest.)
  • Pallas: Welcome to the wonderful magical forest!
  • Pallas: Let me introduce to you, this is my human friend, and her name is Grice.
  • Myna Parrot: Caw, I know, I know, we know! Kind girl, beautiful girl, Grice!
  • Teddy Bear: Don't be nervous Grice. It has been a long time since humans have come to the forest. Everyone is happy and excited. In order to welcome you, we have prepared a song for you, hope you like it.
  • Myna Parrot: Caw, yes, yes, Grice, we hope you can have fun!
  • (Several fawns are snuggling next to Grice, a rabbit jumps into Grice's lap, and the soft fur rubs against Grice's palms soothing her uneasy emotions.)
  • Grice: (Surprise) Songs? For me?
  • Pallas: Grice, everyone wants to be friends with you, and they are rehearsing every day.
  • Teddy Bear:Yes, then please be ready to listen, 3, 2, 1
  • (The bird's tune starts chirping the melody, and the little beast lowers his voice as response. The leaves rustle and become the interlude of the strings. Grice is intoxicated and hums along with this beautiful melody. She stands up on tiptoe, dancing lightly on the soft grass, the clever deer clustered her in the center of the circle, following her dance steps. The squirrels stood on the treetops and threw the flower petals, and Grice seemed to be dancing between the moon and the forest.)
  • (After the song, the little animals and Grice cheered for each other.)
  • Teddy Bear: Grice, your dance and voice are so charming!
  • Grice: I dance and sing following everyone's voice, every beat is knocking on my heart, and I can't restrain the urge to dance with you.
  • Myna Parrot: Caw, welcome, welcome, our elf, Grice!
  • Pallas: I hope you can come here every day to play with us, but we can only pick you up every Sunday.
  • Grice: (Joy) As long as I can meet with everyone, I am happy.
  • Teddy Bear: By the way, I hope you can accept the gift we prepared for you. This is a hat studded with beautiful pearls, which is very suitable for our gentle and beautiful Grice.
  • Grice: This gift is too expensive,...
  • Teddy Bear: Let it be a witness of our friendship!
  • Myna Parrot: Caw, accept, accept, and the next is friendship!
  • Grice: (Weeping with joy) Well, I will definitely cherish this hat.

Scene 3-Dark eyes[]

  • (After returning from the forest, Grice looks forward to the arrival of Sunday every day. During the rest of the week, she sang about her forest friends while wearing the hat.)
  • (However, Grice didn't know that someone had been watching her in a dark corner.)
  • Little Moustache: Look at the girl by the window.
  • Townsman A: Are you talking about Grice? She is so pretty and she sings so good, but it's a pity that she is blind.
  • Little Moustache: Fool, everyone in the town knows about this, don't you find she is different lately?
  • Townsman B: She seemed to have received the light of the sun and became brighter and dazzling.
  • Little Moustache: (Chuckles) The source of this light is the pearl on her new hat, which must be of great value.
  • Townsman A: But how could Grice afford such an expensive hat?
  • Little Moustache: Grice may not be able to afford it, but it is very likely that she has discovered some rare treasure!
  • Townsman B: Rare treasure? How is that possible.
  • Little Moustache: I once heard that there is a treasure house near this village, which contains countless gold coins and gems, as well as gorgeous antique dresses. If you find this place, everyone can enjoy life like nobles with riches and no worries.
  • Townsman C: Little Moustache makes sense. One day on Sunday when I finished work late, I saw Grice is being taken away by a cart made by Night Owl. At the time, I was shocked.
  • Little Moustache: It seemed to be right, an adventure did happen to Grice.
  • Little Moustache: Then I have to investigate it carefully.
  • (The next day, Little Moustache stood at the door of Grice's house holding a gift box and knocked on the door.)
  • Little Moustache: Good day, Miss Grice.
  • Grice: Good day, what can I do for you?
  • Little Moustache: Oh, Grice, the smartest girl in our town, you don't know why I'm here. Do you know that your gentle voice is soothing everyone's heart every day?
  • Little Moustache: I have to detour past your house every day before I leave for work. If I can hear your singing, I will calm and happy all day long. There are many people in town like me.
  • Grice: (Shy) I didn't expect to be able to help everyone.
  • Little Moustache: (Cunning) In order to thank you for your singing, we have prepared a gift for you. Please don't refuse. The exquisite and beautiful hat on your head is a suitable match to a gorgeous dress.
  • Grice: (Joy) I have received a lot of gifts from recently. How can I thank everyone for this gift.
  • Little Moustache: (Squinting eyes) As long as you can remember to put it on, you won't disappoint us. Remember, this dress is the most beautiful at night.
  • Grice: I will remember it, thank you again.

Scene 4-Enchanting Eye[]

  • Teddy Bear: Welcome to the magic forest again, my dear Grice.
  • Grice: I missed everyone.
  • Myna Parrot: Caw, Grice, Grice, skirt, the skirt is glowing, it's so beautiful
  • Grice: My skirt is glowing?
  • Pallas: That's right, Grice. Your skirt is emitting fireflies's light!
  • Teddy Bear: Wow, there are some fireflies powder on the floor..
  • (At this moment, there were a few gunshots in the forest, and the deer and the flying starling beside Grice were injured and fell to the ground.)
  • Little Moustache: I'm right. There are so many animals that can speak in this forest. There must be treasures in this forest!
  • Little Moustache: Catch them, torture them for the location of the treasure, and we will be rich!
  • Grice: Hurry, run away, they brought guns!
  • (The animals ran away in the forest afer hearing Grice's words.)
  • Grice: Pallas, leave here with Teddy Bear and bring the injured animals with you!
  • Pallas: (Anxious) What about you?
  • Grice: I am a human being. They won't do anything to me, so I will lead them away. Get to a safe place, quick.
  • (Grice ran and stopped in the forest based on her memory and voice, but a turbulent river blocked her, and the rolling waves wetted her shoes and socks.)
  • Little Moustache: Grice, you have nowhere to escape, as long as you tell where the treasure is, we will let you go.
  • Grice: I don't know what the treasure you are talking about is, you use my blind eyes to set up a trap, even if I know it, I won't tell you.
  • Grice: (Distraught) I thought I would no longer suffer from the loss of light and freedom, but I brought disaster to the forest. Maybe I really shouldn't expect freedom and happiness that didn't belong to me.
  • Little Moustache: Stop pretending pitiful! Hurry up and hand over the location of the treasure!
  • (Grice remembers the happy times with her animal friends. She gritted her teeth and turned to face the surging river, planning to end it all with her own life.
  • (At this critical moment, a loud call came from a distance, and everyone couldn't help stopping to look at the source of the sound.)
  • Pallas: Grice!
  • Pallas: Grice, don't be sad. Everyone has the right to pursue freedom and happiness. What is wrong is those who hurt others for their own benefit!
  • Pallas: In fact, this forest has been guarding a gem badge containing the power of charm. It has been waiting for a master who can truly control it, and all your actions tell us that you still retain the purity and selflessness. Longing for the good and don't fear evil. Such soul can purify this badge. So Grice, you must be able to make good use of this power!
  • (Pallas flying from a distance, then handed the gem badge to Grice. The red light of the gem suddenly shone, and Grice's eyes were covered with dazzling light.
  • Grice looked at the townspeople in front of him who had become ugly because of greed. If she said she was hampered because of her blindness, how could they become puppets of wealth. Grice looked at Pallas, who was resting on her shoulder, and Pallas nodded to Grice trustingly.)
  • Little Moustache: Damn, Grice! Don't you want endless wealth and richness?
  • Grice: Don't you understand? Although I have lost my eyes, I will never lose my soul. I will not hurt others for greed.
  • (When Little Moustache cursing, under the moonlight Grice's eyes were as red as the jewel on the badge. The townspeople who saw this scene all stopped and put down their weapons. They are like puppet, and followed Grice left the forest and returned to the town.)

Final Scene-Free morning light[]

  • (The sun rises as usual on the second day, and the bright morning sun flows into the streets and alleys. The townspeople work and live step by step, and they don't remember what happened last night. They return to an ordinary and peaceful life.)
  • (Grice put on a beautiful dress and easy-to-run shoes, ready to measure how big the world of freedom is. Under the guidance of the gem badge, Grice once again came to the forest through the secluded path, which turned out to be vast. Green is the beginning of all freedom and happiness, and the little animals were waiting for her. Teddy Bear is taking care of the deer and rabbits. Myna the parrot sang and joked. The warm sunshine illuminated them. Grice smiled and ran to her friends.)
  • Grice: Pallas! I'm here!
  • (The gray-brown Night Owl standing on the branch heard the sound of stepped leaves, and swings his wings to Grice in the shade.)
  • Although we finally found a way to get rid of the shackles, count less times wondering how to make up for your past, telling you that I never thought of abandoning you. Dedicated to my favorite, Grice. May we be free from the north forever like the ending.
  • Pallas

Stunning Beauty[]

Classic - Stunning Beauty.png

Read the stories and obtain 20 Time Note.png.

Phonograph-Stunning Beauty.png


My child, JinJin:
In the year of your birth, the spring was shining, so it was named Jin.
The Bai Xilong family has inherited his family from Tsinghua since ancient times. Your father inherited his education, he was careful with words and deeds, this has become a family tradition.
The rules of the Bai clan are stating, fter the cardamom has past, the day when the flowers bloom, they can be used as a matchmaker. Today, we had an order, you still have a lot of training, but refused to follow it, then you ran away from home. If you are not compliant, you will ashamed your parents. How can I bear with it!
My child is simple and elegant, and should be a lady. Therefore, we are extremely worried and restless at night.
I wrote this for your father's sake, and I hope you will return quickly when you get this letter. At this point, your mother's tears cannot be suppressed.
(This is a smooth plain paper, and there is another piece of paper hidden behind the letterhead.)

Home letter 1[]

You did good, daughter!
Don't be afraid, the previous letter was only to fool your father. He must be angry again when he knows that I'm sending you this letter, but it's okay. He will regret immediately when he sees the words on the previous letter.
Your father is perfect, but he can be stubborn. Although you has reached the age of marriage, there is no need to arrange that for you.
Don't worry, JinJin, mother supports you. Love should be free. How can you be bound by the old rules of arranged marriage?
I had never mentioned to you before. Although I came from a family in the Clouds and received a lady's education since I was a child, I actually has a dream in her heart. Who doesn't want to be a sword-fighting and free girl?
What's more, your dad and I also met in accidentally, but now he is asking his daughter to go through arranged marriage. I think it's because of some pressures he got recently.
You grew up into lively and cheerful girl, and confined to the rules of the clan, which must make you feel extremely lonely.
The Clouds are vast and big, with beautiful scenery, and beyond the Clouds, there is the vast beauty and unknown of the entire continent. If you don't go outside as soon as possible, you're gonna waste your youth?
However, although mother expects you to see the grand and prosperous world, the journey will never be smooth sailing. Your father hopes to pave you a smooth road without wind and rain, but the natural road has always been rough. If you don't pay attention of the journey, a person will fall miserably, but no one will wipe your tears away.
At this point, I have to mention that if your money is not enough, you can use my card. I quietly put it in your coat. The password is your birthday.
This set of costumes has passed down to you. After a long time, the gems on the pearl hairpin have lots of origin. The legend contains the magical power of the beginning of the ancient times. Although you only listen to the story, it has its own valuable points. Send it to the pawn shop, and your father with receive a notice from the shop in the next day, and someone from the South and the North will find you back.
Okay, mother wish you a pleasant journey along the way, remember to come back early, mother will always be at home waiting for you.

Home letter 2[]

How are you doing recently, is your trip of running away pleasant?
In your last letter, you mentioned that you met a girl who looked like you, and I would like to see her if I have a chance.
This time, I don't even know when you left home. Looks like you can complete the escape plan by yourself without me. But because of this, your father was so angry that he locked himself in the study and refused to eat. You are not allowed to mention this to your father when you come back, remember to keep it secret for me.
Although your father has given up the idea of letting you through arranged marriage since you coming home for the first time, his rigid standard for son-in-law has now rising to the level of King Xi. According to this standard, there are not many aristocratic families in the Cloud that can fulfill his standard. I don't think he want to marrying you out.
Perhaps in the eyes of the elders, you will always be an innocent and cute little girl, but mother knows in my heart that you will leave the nest sooner or later, and the fruit cannot take root on the ground until it leaves the tree.
It's just that mother always worries. I am afraid that your journey will be to hard. When you are stabbed by thorns, it will be too late to give you advise.
At this moment, you see a very beautiful flower in front of your eyes, but there may be a more beautiful sea of flowers along the way, and this one is just one of the beautiful flowers. If you stay in one place, you will miss other places. So I hope you can go a little further and see this big world more. If you still miss the original flower by then, you can understand better what it means to cherish.
After all, if this man is truly unique, he will be willing to wait for you, right?

Home letter 3[]

I didn't expect me to be away from home this time, to write to you who stayed at home.
I am now on the high-speed train of the Apple Federation. The vehicle is fast and stable, and it does not affect writing letters at all.
In these days when I was away, JinJin didn't quarrel with dad, right? For the time being, he still needs to digest his feelings of being loss.
Although this diplomatic visit was invited by the charity association that has been donating, the root of the cause may be that you have touched the feeling of longing for freedom in my heart, and I can't restrain my loneliness anymore.
In fact, when mother was young, I also traveled everywhere on the mainland, but the world is changing so fast. The towns I have seen before are already different in a blink of an eye. Who can imagine that the tall building in Apple City that looks like the tower in clouds was completed just in a few years?
Mother always told you, don't miss the whole world because of one beautiful flower.
Now think about it, how difficult it is to find the flower that belongs to you in the colorful spring? Your ideal and life belong to you.
By the way, I was fortunate enough to see a foreign wedding during my visit. When I saw the girl in the snow-white wedding dress, I couldn't help to start imagining what you'd looked like when you were married.
The begonia tree in our mansion is luxuriant, with beautiful flowers blossoming every year.
You have liked it very much since you were young, and you was so sad when you learned that the custom of marriage was to cut down the tree. So I was thinking, why bother to make you sad? It's better to just move the Begonia tree to your new home.
Don't you always want to hang a swing under the begonia tree? I wonder if that man's house has a beautiful garden where you can sit on the swing and watch the scenery? It doesn't matter if it's not beautiful, as long as you have your begonia tree.
The most beautiful scenery in the yard is enough. One day you will have your own family, it is better to let the begonia tree to be the witness of your new life.
The train has arrived in the station, wait until I come back and talk to you.

Home letter 4[]

In the photos sent, both of you were thinner, and your father sighed again when he saw it.
He has been chanting sentences such as "I will teach her husband and son in order to get title" more than once. When writing this letter, he was still buried in the study, and he didn't know who was the one to blame.
Me, your father, and even your cousin King Xi, we, as relatives, always hope to protect you from wind and rain. But since you rushed to this man when he accepted the military order without hesitation, the future of the two of you has been destined to be together.
Since childhood, you have been a child with your own ideas. As a young lady in the Cloud family, the status of aristocracy is not only an honor, but also a shackle. If it were not for this status, perhaps your ideal of studying abroad and your desire to participate in international design exchanges would not be hindered so much.
Although you always deal with the past calmly, I know that the struggle and reluctance are the first seeds.
Do you know the reason why your mother supported you to run away without saying a word? I think you should be able to find the life you really want from the journey of running away from home. It's also time for the bird bound by the rope to spread its wings and see the blue sky.
Both you and that man have gained firmer courage when facing difficult times. Facing the sudden upheaval, instead of being crushed, you have been polished like jade and become more dazzling.
JinJin, and the man named Zhong Lizi, you both have to take care of yourself.
I am proud of you, for both of you.
Now that you have chosen to face the hardship, don't back down, and do what you want to do.
We will always support you.



Task Reward
Collect suit Stunning Beauty 120 Time Note.png
Collect suit Stunning Beauty and its recolor 80 Time Note.png
Collect suit Marionette Grice 100 Time Note.png
Collect suit Grice 120 Time Note.png
Collect suit Grice and its recolor 80 Time Note.png
Collect suit Icewind Warchant 120 Time Note.png
Collect suit Icewind Warchant and its recolor 80 Time Note.png
Collect suit White Blossom 120 Time Note.png
Collect suit White Blossom and its recolor 80 Time Note.png
Collect suit Minstrel of Time 120 Time Note.png
Collect suit Minstrel of Time and its recolor 80 Time Note.png
Collect suit Legend of Tulans 120 Time Note.png
Collect suit Legend of Tulans and its recolor 80 Time Note.png
Collect suit The Origin of Shimmer 120 Time Note.png
Collect suit The Origin of Shimmer and its recolor 80 Time Note.png


Treasure Collector - Primary
Classic - Treasure Collector Primary.png
1 Star 2 Star 3 Star 4 Star 5 Star
180 Time Note.png 360 Time Note.png 540 Time Note.png 720 Time Note.png 900 Time Note.png
Treasure Collector - Intermediate
Classic - Treasure Collector Intermediate.png
1 Star 2 Star 3 Star 4 Star 5 Star
1,100 Time Note.png 1,300 Time Note.png 1,500 Time Note.png 1,700 Time Note.png 1,900 Time Note.png
Treasure Collector - Advanced
Classic - Treasure Collector Advanced.png
1 Star 2 Star 3 Star 4 Star 5 Star
2,120 Time Note.png 2,340 Time Note.png 2,560 Time Note.png 2,780 Time Note.png 3,000 Time Note.png


Name by Server[]

Version Name (Romanized) Translation
International.png International (English) Treasure N/A
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified) 旷世奇珍 (kuàngshì qí zhēn) Unparalleled Treasure
Japanese Flag.png Japan 至高の宝物 (Shikō no TakaramonoCT) Supreme TreasureCT
Singapore Flag.png Southeast Asia (English) N/A N/A