Trailed Dress is a Hidden Suit that can be obtained from Chapter 16.

Wardrobe Edit


Wearing a bun and hair accessories, you can wander on the fragrant garden path and have a carefree holiday.
Trailed Upstyle

When the soft wind is blowing with flying petals, you can hold his hands while spin and dance together.
Trailed Dress

Everyone should have such a dress that one can even wear it as an ideal nightgown at home.
Carefree Holiday-Top

Don't forget to change into a refreshing pair of trousers for an outing… Remember the bottle of bug spray!
Carefree Holiday-Bottom

I walk alone in the tiny garden, helplessly watching flowers wither, but the swallows still return every year.
Trailed Heels

The floral decoration on her head seems to be fragrant. Will butterflies be attracted here?
Competition of Beauties

The earrings must be removed before you go to sleep. Otherwise you will hear wind chimes even in dreams.
Wind Chimes

The holiday's coming. Is it a good idea to ask several friends out for travel before it gets cold?
Holiday Appointment

Trivia Edit

  • It is not possible to wear this suit as it contains a dress, top and bottom piece; which conflict.

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