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This article is about the permanent pavilion. For the location, please see Tower of Zen (Location).

The Tower of Zen is a long-term pavilion found in the Mystery House. It is used to buy Suzaku Bell Suzaku Bell.png and also gives 3-5 H1.png treasured Clothes.

There is one free chance every 48 hours, with additional single chances costing 150 Diamonds. Ten chances at once can be purchased for 1500 Diamonds, which guarantees at least one H5.png item.

The Suzaku Bell Suzaku Bell.png can exchanged in the Villa of Cloud for parts of the Phoenix of Genesis and Dragon of Apocalypse suits.

Drop Rates[]

The drop rates are listed in-game after clicking the ? icon.

  • 3-Star item drop rate: 46.5%
  • 4-Star item drop rate: 25.9%
  • 5-Star item drop rate: 27.6%


Extremely Rare Attribute Part[]

Phoenix of Genesis {Super Rare}[]

Phoenix of Genesis.jpg

Dragon of Apocalypse {Super Rare}[]

Dragon of Apocalypse.jpg

5-Star {Super Rare}[]

4-Star {Treasured}[]

3-Star {Treasured}[]