Toto is a romantic girl who is always going on dates.



Toto is a playgirl who collects boyfriends from each of the 12 zodiac signs, also known as a walking love bible. Toto likes to get dolled up every time she goes out. Opportunities are there for those who are well prepared. Toto's favorite dress is quirky and elegant. With a feminine straight shoulder design, which zodiac sign will be most attracted to Toto?

Why hasn't Toto found Mr. Right yet?

— Toto's description in the Time Diary

Toto has a cute appearance, with shoulder-length wavy brown hair and cute outfits. She has a round face with light blue eyes. Her normal clothing is a dark blue and white short dress and dark blue and silver high heels.


Toto is romantic and carefree, always searching for her ideal boyfriend but never seeming upset about things not working out with the previous ones. She's a little naive, not understanding Momo's snarky sarcasm.[4]

History Edit

Toto first appeared in Wheat Field, stressing about what to wear on a date. After Nikki helped her, Toto expressed her desire to compete more with her and gives her directions.[1]

They continued to run into Toto all across Miraland, and each time she has a new boyfriend. Nikki showed her happiness and helped her dress up for various dates, while Momo chided her for switching boyfriends and Bobo seemed jealous that she hadn't even had one boyfriend.

Relationships Edit

Aries photographer Edit

Toto's first boyfriend was an Aries photographer. Nikki helped give her ideas on what to wear on her date with him.[1] The next time Toto sees Nikki, she tells her that the date went well.[5]

Capricorn theatre manager Edit

Toto's next boyfriend was a Capricorn theatre manager working in Cicia. Toto says she is going rowing on their date together. Nikki and Momo end up going rowing with them, but on a different boat.[5]

Aquarius painter Edit

Toto's third boyfriend was an Aquarius painter, who she goes to the hot springs with.[6] In a commission request, she reveals he wanted to paint her in a bathrobe.[7]

Leo CEO Edit

Toto's fourth boyfriend was a Leo CEO who she met at a wine party. The next day, she went on a date with him at the rose garden in Wintermount, wearing subtle floral patterns.[4]

Cancer boyfriend Edit

Toto's fifth boyfriend was a Cancer, though his occupation was not revealed. He was described as thoughtful and gentle. Toto had a date with him in the Flower Field, which she felt was a romantic spot, and they watched the flowers in the evening. She wore a kimono to the date.[8]

Libra designer Edit

Toto's sixth boyfriend was a talented Libra designer. She praised his designs to Nikki, saying they were beautiful.[9]

Scorpio doctor Edit

Toto's seventh boyfriend was a Scorpio doctor. She met him when she was sick and had to go to the hospital, and noticed how handsome he looked in his white coat. A week later, she and him went on a date in the bar in Royal City, Lilith at night, where she wore a sassy, mature outfit.[10]

Sagittarius actor Edit

Toto's eighth boyfriend was a handsome Sagittarius actor. He acted as a police officer at some point, which Toto witnessed. He was into lively and cheerful girls.[11]

Gemini writer Edit

Toto's ninth boyfriend was a Gemini writer. Toto believed he had the potential to become a best-selling novelist and that everyone in Miraland would read his books. However, she admitted his novel wasn't going well and that he was going to the Wasteland to do research on customs and gain inspiration. She dresses in wasteland clothing in order to help him in this task.[12]


  • "Opportunities are there for those who are prepared. So I always dress up when I go out."

  • "Attractive smile kills all gentlemen."
    — using Smile.
  • "Now I know why you have no boyfriend!"
    — using Critical Eye.
  • "This pair of socks is perfect for carrying his gift!"
    — using Gift.
  • "This pair of shoes is not suitable for a date."
    — using Clock.
  • "Enough sleep is the secret for keeping beautiful."
    — using Sleeping.

Name by ServerEdit

Version Name/Transliteration
International International (English) Toto
Japanese Flag Japan スー (Sue)
Korean Flag South Korea 수정 (Soojung)
Vietnam Flag Vietnam Toto

Trivia Edit

  • The 4 Seasons suit Rule of Love is based off of Toto's appearance.
  • Toto has not yet dated anybody that we know of from these signs: Taurus, Virgo, Pisces.
  • It is said that after she finishes the twelve zodiacs, she might go through the alphabet.[13]


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