Time of Flower & Love Room

Time of Flower & Love was a time-limited Wish Court pavilion. The first season ran from February 28th to March 6th, 2018. The second season ran from August 1st to August 7th, 2019.

Getting all items unlocked the Wedding Dress outfit in the Home feature.

List of FurnitureEdit

Super Rare Furniture H6Edit

Icon Name Style Type
LifesLoveIcon Life's Love Apple Tag Ornament

5-star Super Rare H5Edit

Icon Name Style Type
FlowerArchwayIcon Flower Archway Apple Tag Plant
OathofLoveIcon Oath of Love Apple Tag Ornament
RomanceSwingIcon Romance Swing Apple Tag Ornament

4-star Treasured H4Edit

Icon Name Style Type
GreenGrassIcon Green Grass Apple Tag Floor
PureMomentIcon Pure Moment Apple Tag Wall
RollerFlowerCurtainIcon Roller Flower Curtain Apple Tag Wall Decor
HeartWhiteCarpetIcon Heart White Carpet Apple Tag Carpet
FirstSightLoveIcon First Sight Love Apple Tag Ornament
FlowerFallUmbrellaIcon Flower Fall Umbrella Apple Tag Ornament
FlowerVineBracketIcon Flower Vine Bracket Apple Tag Plant
WeddingCakeIcon Wedding Cake Apple Tag Ornament
BookBoquetIcon Book Bouquet Apple Tag Ornament
PinkRibbonWhiteCounterIcon Pink Ribbon White Counter Apple Tag Table
CheckinCounterIcon Check-in Counter Apple Tag Table
GuestLongTableIcon Guest Long Table Apple Tag Chair
FlowerFenceIcon Flower Fence Apple Tag Plant

3-star Treasured H3Edit

Icon Name Style Type
FloralGraceIcon Floral Grace Apple Tag Plant
PinkRoundTableIcon Pink Round Table Apple Tag Table
MarbleStreetLampIcon Marble Street Lamp Apple Tag Major Appliance
FloralPathIcon Floral Path Apple Tag Carpet
MarbleSquarePillarIcon Marble Square Pillar Apple Tag Plant
FlowerWineSnackIcon Flower Wine Snack Apple Tag Ornament
SweetnessIcon Sweetness Apple Tag Ornament
GiftBoxIcon Gift Box Apple Tag Ornament
SquareChairRowIcon Square Chair Row Apple Tag Chair
BalloonChairIcon Balloon Chair Apple Tag Chair

Gallery Edit

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