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The Time Palace event was a hell event that first ran from December 15th to 31st, 2018. It returned from September 2nd to 11th, 2019, without the story or Times Written sections.

How to Play Edit

Draw in the pavilion to gain Twilight Sand (Twilight Sand).

Players were given 1 free draw per day. More draws could be bought, once for 30 Diamond, 10 times for 300 Diamond, or 50 times for 1,500 Diamond.

Each draw would give Gold, Stamina, Diamond, or pieces of minor suits.

When a certain amount of Twilight Sand reached a milestone, the event suits could then be claimed.

An avatar pendant that lasts for a certain amount of hours was also given. The higher the tier, the longer it would last.


  • Season 1: 60, 130, 230, and 340 Twilight Sand
  • Seasons 2 and later: 70, 140, 240, and 350 Twilight Sand

The last milestone drops the Poetry Azure suits, City Subway and Melody of Whale.

Your progress is saved from season to season. The milestones increased after the first season. If you have already reached a milestone in the first season, reaching the same milestone again will not give any rewards.


Major SuitsEdit

Eternal FireflyEdit

Silent PlatformEdit

Gift of the MagiEdit

Poetry of AzureEdit

Minor SuitsEdit

Super Rare ItemsEdit


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