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Time Diary is one of the sections found in the Achievement tab as part of the Achievements that can be unlocked in Love Nikki. It is broken into six tabs, and contains information about the timeline of events, the 7 Kingdoms, tracks achievements, and more.


The timeline contains a timeline of events.

For a full timeline of Miraland's history, see Timeline.
Date Event Description
New calendar 672 Nine-Day War Year 672, New Era, King Sayet passed away. For the 3 relics King Sayet left behind, the Nine-Day War broke out.
New calendar 676 Bloom of Iron Rose Year 676, New Era, Queen Elle ascended to the throne and Iron Rose Stylists Legion was established. For the honor of Her Majesty! --Mela
New calendar 680 Nikki Sets Out Year 680, New Era, I was summoned by Queen Nanari to Miraland. --Nikki
New calendar 680 First Encounter of the Iron Rose At Wheat Field, we came across Mela who was trying to rob Lunar! It's said that Iron Rose was up to no good. Momo will never go easy with them! --Momo
New calendar 680 Star Sea Stolen! In Cicia's theatre, Star Sea shone the celestial light of the God of Starry Night. Suddenly, the show was interrupted and Star Sea was gone! --Bobo
New calendar 680 Wintermount Tea Party At the Wintermount Tea Party, I discovered that Iron Rose is not the only force that's taking action stealthily. --Nikki
New calendar 680 Journey to Flower Fields A dream in Flower Field, a millennium in the mortal world. The Ancient Pavilion finally welcomes a worthy visitor, and I can finally step on my journey. --Fu Su
New calendar 680 Moonlit Adventure We met Lunar in Moonlit City! We also became acquainted with an Apple soldier Orlando. What brought him to Moonlit City? --Momo
New calendar 680 Rebellion in Royal City In Fantasy Styling Contest, Prime Minister Nidhogg started a rebellion! Thanks to Royce, the disorder was quelled. --Neva
New calendar 680 Pota Crisis We never expected to meet Iron Rose in Wasteland... Though Ransa was defeated, we still had no idea what Iron Rose was after. Could it be Miracle Scroll? --Nikki
New calendar 680 The Death of Lunar The moon wanes as the phoenixes die, colors fade while swords spark light, despair has engulfed the sky, masking everything except the cry of the blue blue crane.
New calendar 680 Dinner of White Blossom Fall Kimi was... kissed! This banquet is a mess in every sense! I seem to know many other secrets too! --Bobo
New calendar 680 Shadow of Death Tracking Shade the killer, I met girls lost in the city and conspiracy. The issue should have been fixed properly, but my mistake resulted in something irrevocable. --Orlando
New calendar 680 Daybreak War I am going to the North Kingdom to complete my missions, not to save the girls!... What? The Nameless Order attacked League Tyr? It seems that the war in the North Kingdom is inevitable. --Debbie

7 Kingdoms[]

Main article: 7 Kingdoms.

The 7 Kingdoms tab is an interactive map of Miraland with each of the seven nations indicated by their emblem. Tapping on the emblem displays an illustration of a character from that nation, the nation's emblem, and a brief description of the nation. 

Entering the nation will display a detailed map of the land with cities of interest marked. Tapping on the city's name will display a brief fact about the city. A more detailed description of the nation can also be found here, along with a style guide.

The style guide details the design elements of characters from each nation and the ways their outfits exemplify the characteristics of their nation.


The Journey tab contains the Nikki's journey through each of the chapters. A brief summary of each chapter can be found, along with the opening comic and the full story for each of the stages within the chapter.

Each chapter also contains achievement backgrounds that can be claimed once certain milestones are reached within the chapter. They can be viewed in the Backgrounds gallery.

Nikki Diary[]

Chapter Text Achievement Reward
Chapter 1 - Arriving in Wheat Field Ever since writing in my diary, I still cannot be sure that I was actually invited by Queen Nanari to Miraland? The Queen said going forward, the destiny of the continent lies on my path... Does this have any connection with Mela who seized Lunar's design, or what is the connection between Lunar and the Iron Rose Stylist Group? In fact, I've seemingly become used to designs being discarded at the drop of a hat... Fate's Start
Wheat Field Aroma
Chapter 2 - Fairyland Lilith Here at Cicia, the first city of the fairy tale kingdom of Lilith, I finally feel I am in a foreign world! It's thrilling sneaking into the theater. After all, seeing the rehersal of December Troupe was not easy; however, because of this, I became acquainted with Royce and Sofia, and I am very happy about that. I am looking forward to seeing their performance and the legendary sea of stars! Sweet Fairland
Theatre Show
Chapter 3 - Candy Witch And Star Sea The wait for the performance of The Candy Sorceress and the Sea of Stars is finally over. Sofia was wearing the sea of stars while she danced on stage......But something no one had ever imagined happened during the performance! The sea of stars was stolen! We doggedly pursued the thief and found out that it was Lisa who stole it! However, there is seemingly a deeper truth that hides. Starsea Vortex
Winding Stair
Chapter 4 - Designer's Tea Party To attend the Designer's Tea Party, we travelled to the famous seaside city, Wintermount. The weather and beach tea party were lovely. I heard that it was here the prime minister won his fame in competitions years ago. I also met a Cloud girl named Bai Jinjin. I wish her and her boyfriend, Zhong Lizi well. Seaside Cityscape
Tipsy Beach
Chapter 5 - Tumult of Tea Party Bai Jinjin attempted to elope here, but the men from Bai Jinjin's family brought her away! We chased up and helped Bai Jinjin out. Upon returning to the tea party, I learned that each kingdom has their own distinct designs. I met the silver-haired Kimi. She is simply amazing, ideally who I want to be. As Kimi suggested, I decided to broaden my horizons by traveling. My goal is to become the best Stylist! Designer's Tea Party
Tea Party in Mess
Chapter 6 - Adventure in Flower Field The flower field of Cloud is a beautiful and mysterious place. Legend has it that the designer of the Ancient Pavilion lives there at the end of the flower field. One can only see him after completing through the phantom's test. Fu Su can lead us there. When I reached the top of the Pavilion, I realized that he was the disciple of the Pavilion designer! The master had already left this world, so Fu Su decided to travel. And I look forward to the unknown journey ahead... Flower Field Phantom
Ancient Pavilion
Chapter 7 - Moon Inn on Long Street The Long Street of Cloud is bustling with interesting activity. Sofia tells us that the most precious treasures are located on the street. Could it be that the ninjas of Clan Dragon came here in pursuit of those treasures? In order to protect Bai Jinjin, I impersonated Bai Jinjin and distracted these soldiers. Although successfully I brought sometime, yet I was nearly captured! Fortunately, the Moon Inn hostess helped us in time. We didn't realize that she was once a martial artist! Long Street Charm
Moon Inn
Chapter 8 - Secret Moonlit City We've finally arrived at the Moonlit City. Before we could find Lunar we find out that her business is in trouble! At first we think that the mayor of Moonlit City is the culprit, yet it turns out that he is just feigning working with the Iron Rose to protect Moonlit City. Officer Orlando from the Apple Federation gives us more information about Iron Roses. What's going on between the Pigeon Queen and the Iron Roses? I felt like I've taken a step closer finding out the fate of Miraland. Mystery Moonlit City
Ink Orchid
Chapter 9 - Fantasy Styling Contest Prelude We came to Lilith and joined the Fantasy Styling Contest. In the city we met an excellent stylist and learned a lot from him. Fantastic Emissary always make you comfortable. He is a very interesting person. He invented the 'Super Fantasy Interlink PK Skill'. Today we met a new friend Ace. Her styling ability is very impressive. I look forward to seeing her in the contest. Dream Capital
Chapter 10 - Fantasy Styling Contest Qualifier It's finally the day of the contest. I didn't think that Kimi would also be watching. Thanks to my friends that came to cheer me on and give me pep talks, I was invigorated during warm ups. I advanced during the first 3 rounds. During the matches, Royal City was bustling. We met many acquaintances. At the invitation of Kaja, in the evening we went to a bar near the inn to watch her performance. Dream Stage
Chapter 11 - Fantasy Styling Contest Final The competitions of other 2 groups have ended. The winners were Ace and Sherry. Sherry is like a porcelain doll, cold, stoic, but very beautiful. But it's said that Sherry and Mela frequently keep in contact. They've very likely to be from Iron Roses. Then, just as the finals were halfway through, assassins appeared in the audience and the prime minister was gone! What's going on here?... Lilith Hall
Chapter 12 - Chaos in Royal City Ace said that all of these is a planned rebellion. After finding Bobo and Momo, we entered the palace under disguise. The imprisoned Prince Royce told us that mastermind of this rebellion is actually the prime minister! After passing the test of elf Box, the prince successfully maneuvered the guards, and subdued the rebels. But this crisis has just begun. Under the guidance of the treasure box, we head into the wilderness... Palace Garden
Chapter 13 - Exotic Wasteland Under the guidance of the Box, we arrive at the wasteland. We met the son of Chief Pota, Tuda. Tuda told everyone that the chief was set up by the high priest Ransa, and Ransa had assumed all of his power. During the sacrificial ceremony we learned Ransa is a member of the Iron Roses. Then we said goodbye to Tuda and hurried to Windvale tribe. Wasteland Style
Chapter 14 - The Girl's Choice After a secret chat with Sherry, Ace left us. Later, we met the fortune teller Starlet in a small tribe. The outcome of her augury was still obscure. Then, after the contest with high priest I got the key to Wind Valley Forest. But suddenly an urgent war report from Amphithea put us in to dilemma... Wasteland Sunset
Chapter 15 - The Siege of Cloud City Finally, we decided to go to Cloud Capital to help Lunar. After bidding farewell to Starlet, we headed to Lor River City. With reporter, Cali's help, we travelled through the sewers into Lor River City. But we were too late... I'll never forget this day. From this day on, bit by bit, the truths hidden in the peace of Miraland surfaced...... Departure Station
Rainfall Cloud
Chapter 16 - Before The Storm After returning to Lor River City to report the situation, we went to counselor Zhong Lizi who suggested we go to the forest and meet Orlando and Kimi. Orlando asked us to take Kimi away from the crisis-ridden Apple Federation. He was returning to war. I tried to stop Orlando, but I lost to him in stylist competition... I finally realized that I didn't have enough strength to protect my friends. Starry Night of Lor
Act 17-Banquet in sakura rain Everyone at the Apple Federation is talking about the disappearances of Kimi and chairman Schiller and the auction dinner held by Charles and Mercury group. In order to find some clues about White Blossom, Kimi and I sneaked into the dinner. But, but... the event was so chaotic! Who the heck stole the White Blossom? Shimmering Dome
Act 18-Gunshot under Venus Unexpectedly, It was Sofia and Orlando who worked together and stole the White Blossom from Reid and Hiber and returned it to us. With the help of Orlando, we sneaked into the Apple Federation treasure vault. At the moment when confronting Reid, the glass wall of the treasure vault was smashed, and the wanted killer of the seven kingdoms, the 'Shade' appeared in front of us...... Welton's Night
Act 19-Daybreak War Under Orlando's arragements, we arrived at Losol church. However, incidents occured one by one... Bobo went missing, a nun started acting strangely, next we were kidnapped and put on a plane. We were sent to Tyre coalition base. In order to protect the White Blossom I challenged Nidhogg. But this time, my Daybreak blade seems to be useless...... Why on earth is that?! Tundra Sky
Chapter 1- Ode of Oren At the Abbey of the Oren, we got manuscript Sayet was left behind under house arrest, which let Ransa reminisced the reason for the dissolution of Iron Rose-they failed to find the materials to make Sayet's last work for the Queen ... A magician called Noah suddenly appeared, he told us the secret of the last work is in the hands of Queen Ayli. So we decided to go to the palace, to know the secret and the hidden truth of the dissolution of Iron Rose. Flower Hedge in Rainy Night
Flower Hedge in Clear Sky


The Adventure tab contains details about past events. A brief summary describes the story of the event, and the full story dialogue can also be read. The suits achieved through the event are available to review, while Crafting recipes are available to claim for each suit.

The names of events, descriptions, and dates listed in the table below come from the Adventure descriptions and do not always not match actual event information.

Event Suits Date Description
The Fools' Celebration, Magic Wish Joker and Magic Card, Aria of Night 2018.7.15 - 2018.7.21 Smile Circus has brought endless laughter to people. But there are also rumors that Smile has been touring to collect the happiness in people's heart through witchcraft. Pass the celebration stage to collect the magic cards, find the truth behind the mysterious clown and redeem April Fools' suit!
Wind Deep Legend Astral Islets, Wind Deep Legend 2018.4.12 - 2018.4.18 In the Dome Tribe, there is a legend about fate and fight. A warrior rides a Griffin to break through the barrier and is determined to change fate. Go to Wind Chasm and get to know the legend of the witch Cassandra and the warrior Lika to win the beautiful suit set. Scores will trigger the Wind Deep Legend effect, and you will get more Wind Chasm treasure!
Assassin's Night Silent Hermit, Red-haired Asura 2019.10.22 - 2019.11.2 The hooded assassin sits drinking tea in the living room, moving gracefully like nobility. The red-haired nun wipes components of a pistol. Secret Letters from them has been circulating all over the Miraland. It has recorded the secrets of the assassin's night... Beware of the assassin's blade at night!
A Haunting One Golden String, Leaf's Lyric 2019.4.5 - 2019.4.12 The elf's singing will take you through the mist of time to embrace the shadow of the dream. Vote for your favorite dream weaver in Dream Weaver Hall, you can obtain Dream Key to redeem exquisite Set! Adante Cantibile design will be granted when you reached Piano Dream Achievement.
Midnight Escape Crime Buster, Midnight Prisoner 2018.5.22 - 2018.5.28 Thief Curt's Steal Heart trailer is rolling on the big screen of the city square. The arrest warrant released by the special search officer Doris has plastered all over the city. Who will laugh last in this midnight chase in Welton? Collect Secret Heart and crack puzzles to win exquisite Set!
Agreement in Colorful Summer Summer Color, Dream of Star City 2018.7.13 - 2018.7.22 The breeze blows away the summer heatwave. December Troupe's Summer Tour gets started. The musical Summer of Star City starred by Qiss is on show. Participate in Summer Styling Contest to win a specified amount of ice creams for a chance of going to the show and obtaining nice sets!
Silver Feathers in Double Seven Moonshine Silver Feather 2018.8.16 - 2018.8.20 Every Double Seven, Cloud's girls do sewing to make feather ornaments under the moon and pray to Moon Lady for ingeniousness. Cloud Feather can be used to make Double Seven sets.
Ultimate Race, Crossing the Finish Line Track Blazer, Blue Fantasy 2017.8.30 - 2017.9.5 The big final of Miraland Speed Challenge is going to take place in Rosai City of Apple Federation! Is the most expected winner the new dark horse Joey? Genius pilot Alinda and her new partner will bring you amazing performance! Admire peak speed; collect Victory Flags; and win exquisite sets!
Sweet Surprise Fondant Game 2017.6.24 - 2017.6.30 Magician Noah sent a secret invitation. To find Bobo's clue, Nikki followed the trace, yet only found an empty tea party and a doll named Bobo?! Play game with cup doll and collect Cherry Cube to gain delicate suits and help Nikki uncover the magician's secret!
Bell Tower Phantom  Sound of Memory Heart of Puppet, Bell Tower Phantom 2019.2.3 - 2019.2.9 The clock's pointer stopped at moonrise. The echoes of the Belfry reverberated in the isolated wilderness. A clockwork girl was dancing like a real person. Nikki and her companions disturbed the peace. The uncaring watchmaker tried to expel the intruders while the clockwok girl asked them to help the clockmaker get back his lost memories. Collect Memory Gears to exchange for exquisite sets.
Halloween Candy Games Candy Adventure 2018.10.26 - 2018.11.01 The Halloween Celebration of Bullin Town has started. People are dressed up as monsters walking on the street. Nikki is stopped by the little witch who is asking for candies. Nikki doesn't have candies, so the witch turns Momo into a pumpkin! Participate in the alternative games on the celebration to win Colorful Candies to exchange for [Candy Adventure] and get Momo back!
Coming Storm in Dark Clouds Sky Snow, Sword Frost 2019.7.6-2019.7.12 There are something unusual about League Till of North Kingdom, Nidhogg is plotting a new plan. They may threaten Cloud City which is being rebuilt. We cannot lose northwest defense line! Clan Ocean and Clan Tiger decided to reinforce Cloud City. Choose between them, rebuild Cloud City together to obtain exquisite suit!
Snowy Night - Christmas Surprise Snowy Night Bless, Warm Christmas Eve 2018.12.21 - 2018.12.27 Christamas Carnival of Apple Federation's department store gets started! Nikki and Momo meet two girls in Christmas outfits. Answer their questions to obtain mysterious gifts. Collect Fluffy Snowflakes to exchange for exquisite sets.
Phantom in Desert, Song of Longing Golden Shadow, Phantom in Desert 2018.6.21 - 2018.6.30 The song of longing can be heard with the camel bell in the desert, the legend of the Goddess of Fortune lures folks to find mirages. No one ever found the treasury, but Yusa, a dancer, stumbled into there by a mistake. What happens then? Collect Sunrise Ruby to see how it goes and exchange exquisite set.
Masquerade Butterfly Shade, White Masquerade 2018.2.18 - 2018.2.24 People in Pigeon Kingdom are keen to masques, where they wear splendid outfits and masks, wandering between the night's passion and ambiguity. In the fantasy and romantic nocturne, there are dreamlike beautiful women and mysterious witches ... During the event, any stage clearance may possibly drop Dream Feather with which you can help the witch decorate the gift box to get the corresponding set reward.
Crystal Moon Flower Moon Chaser 2018.3.31 - 2018.4.9 Cloud holds Moon Celebration on every August 15th. People hang handicraft lanterns along Long Street to celebrate family reunion. Legend has it that if the lantern is hanged on the laurel twig, people will get Moon Fairy's blessing. Passing stages grants Glaze Lanterns which can be used to exchange for Moon Chaser Set. You also have a chance to meet Yue Qianshuang. Give her the lanterns to get a surprise reward.
Big Surprise Surprise 2019.3.28 - 2019.4.3 As the curtain opens, the magician comes to the stage. The show begins. What exactly will it be the next second that the marvel box opens? Participate in the Choose One game in the magic celebration to obtain enough Magic Fireworks, which can be used to exchange for Big Surprise. A mysterious box is waiting for you!
Sunset Shadow Shadow Fiend 2019.05.01 - 2019.05.10 Legend has it that before the night falls, there is a Little Demon sneaking into the world, hiding in the shadows of the twilight, secretly observing the human inhabitants. Be careful, she is a super prankster. Rush all the levels and obtain the Twilight Gem. Collect the Gem and get the 'Little Demon' Suit below. You may meet Debbie studying the demon. Give her the Gem and claim Surprise Reward!
Overlock Invasion Nebula Echo, Cosmos Sound 2018.5.21 - 2018.5.27 Supersonic Hemis from the space launched a surprise attack on the ruins. The synthesized singer Nebula Echo Kaiser is fighting with her. Tap Hemis's invitation and you can get to the virtual auditorium, listen to the live match-up music and win exquisite sets! Scoring that triggers Sound Field Reversing effect grants more Dimension Cubes. Participate and share the Fantasy Time Stories to obtain exclusive Fantasy Movements!
Innocent Journey Promising Parade 2020.5.30-2020.6.8 The first day of June is the children's holiday with pride celebration tours everywhere. Passing any stage prants Pure White Feathers which can be used to exchange for sets. You also have a chance to meet Debbie who wants to listen to stories. Give her Pure White Feathers to get a surprise reward!
Star Insight Star Rite 2019.3.4 - 2019.3.10 Fate Stars are shining under the sky with all the answers written on it. Pass the test of Pale Morrow Priest, obtain your own Fate Star and interpret the unknown road ahead! Collect the stars and get the Exquisite Suit. Event tokens will be cleared after event ends.
Lion and Maiden Lion Overwatch 2019.11.4 - 2019.11.10 Legend has it that people living in the wild Lion Tribe often receive gifts from afar, reminiscence of the girl Tima wandering with the lion. Lion Stones may drop all over the map levels during the event. Use the Lion Stone to help Tima decorate the gift box and claim the Exquisite Suit as a reward!
Fate Echo Dusk and Dawn, Star Invoker 2018.11.15 - 2018.11.21 Like a totem inscribed in the blood, the fate is deeply hidden. Belief fate or yourself. A question even to the Seer. The follower of Norn the Goddess of Fate, Salma is reading the fate. Collect Faith Rune and exchange delicate suits.
Detective Activities Everlasting Melody 2018.09.04 - 2018.10.03 In the detective game Debbie started, the renowned case Secret of Lily was restaged. Where did the priceless Stary Lily go? Accept Commission and set up to find Star Lily and gain Deduction Note. Collect Testimony, find out the criminal, and unveil the secret of lost Star Lily.
Moonlight Grace Moonlight Muse 2019.9.2-2019.9.11 The night of the full autumn moon is the time when friends and families should spend time together. Bai Jinjin wants to prepare a Moonlight Night Gift to send regards to friends and families far away. Collect Rabbit Fur and help Bai Jinjin make Moonlight Yarn to receive Bai Jinjin's gratitude in the form of exquisite sets.
Butterfly Mystery Sunset Butterfly, Morrow Travel Song 2018.11.25 - 2018.12.01 Invited by Bai Jinjin, Nikki went to Wings Theatre to view Twin Butterfly and accidentally found the twin butterfly outside the opera. Collect Butterfly Wings, solve the puzzle and gain delicate suit~
Ruin Tide Eternal Tides 2019.02.22 - 2019.02.28 To hunt down Gray Raven, Orlando accesses the social network of Ruin Island. The master here Typery is willing to help with the cost of themed style contest. Tip: Token will be cleared after the event.
Halloween Carnival, Pumpkin Lantern Returns Pumpkin Kaidan 2019.11.27 - 2019.12.3 On the lively Halloween Eve, Nikki who came to join the Pumpkin Party is tasked with collecting homemade Pumpkin Lanterns from every household. WHat secrets do the Pumpkin Lanterns hold? During the event, all map levels drop Pumpkin Lanterns. Use Pumpkin Lanterns to help Ceriel package the Pumpkin Gift Boxes she has prepared for kids to receive exquisite sets as rewards!
Sail of Hunt Treasure Keeper, Storm Tamer 2018.10.26 - 2018.11.1 An ancient trial is going on in the vast sea. Find the treasure deep in the island, and battle on the roaring sea! Challenge opponents for Golden Anchor to exchange delicate suits~ Collect morale and win the heritage of Lord of North Sea!
Ghost Candle Demon's Game, Attachment of Spectre 2018.10.16 - 2018.10.22 The autumn in the town Victor is the time for Candle Parade festival. It's believed that the departed will return in the night. Collect Dim Kindling to light candles and earn ghost's reward.
Trace the Snow Leopard Snowy Ballads, Frosty Crimson 2019.4.24-2019.4.30 The dexterous and lone snow wolf leopard is regarded as the guardian of the Goddess of the Snow Mountain. Go to Snow Mountain with Nikki and look for the Snow Guardian. At the same time there's a chance to obtain rare gems which can be used to redeem exquisite sets.
Meteor Wish Maiden's Prayer 2019.9.5 - 2019.9.11 Under the starry sky, Nikki closes her eyes and makes a birthday wish to a shooting star. Choose a style that meets the requirement of Starlet's reading, collect Wish Stars to exchange gorgeous suit, and realize the girl's innocent dream!
Street Extreme Street Extreme, Graffiti Tempest 2018.1.10 - 2018.1.16 On the Griffon Street, the holy place for hip-hop in Apple, a grand party is to begin. On the stage, what will two new girls bring to us? Collect Graffiti Spray, join the hip-hop party, and win delicate sets!
Swan Love Falling Feather, Guarding Wings 2019.02.12 - 2019.02.18 In this romantic festival, follow the swirling step and watch the beautiful Swan Love. Join product release conference of AAG and win delicate suits!
Sunward Journey Sunward Maiden 2019.7.27-2019.8.4 The brilliant flower that chases after the sun is an infinite source of inspiration. Find the most vital sunflower sea. Go to the map levels for to pick winds, and to collect sunflowers ti redeem an exquisite suit.
Wonder Magic Lost Spell, Apprentice Wizard 2019.5.15-2019.5.21 December Troupe launched its new production 'Magic of Magi'. Sofia and Hiber are recruiting for the play. But in fact, they hope to explore the whereabouts of King Sayet's 'Autumn in Wind Valley' through this tour... Choose one party to join, and complete the quests according to the requirements to obtain exquisite suits.
Childlike Doll Toy Carnival 2019.6.4 - 2019.6.13 A food festival bustling with activity was held at night at City Square, and a food stall giving off mouth-watering scent cought Nikki's and Momo's attention. Choose a styling that meets the requirements of the challenge posed by Fantasy Envoy and collect Secret Recipes to obtain exquisite suits. After the event, the tokens will be cleared.
Fate Trio Moon Justice, Red Nightmare 2019.1.24 - 2019.1.30 Recorded in the Phonograph in the abandoned manor, a story remains unknown for ages. A girl of Demon Hunter family opened a Taboo Scroll, freeing Kindred from seal with her own blood. Collect Rusty Coin, unlock story in Phonograph, and retrieve the forgotten story in the past.
Deepsea Tea Party Sea Tea Party 2020.3.22-2020.3.28 Nikki and Elle came to an unnamed island unwittingly, and found a mysterious scroll on the island. The scroll contains the treasure map from King Sayet. Cooperate with your partners to find the treasure and pass the test, then could you leave the island... find the treasure on the island and pass the test of King Sayet to get exquisite suits for free! Come on to start the mission.


Main article: Anecdote.

The Anecdote tab groups certain wardrobe items together into categories, each with a theme of stories about different characters. There are currently four categories: Gossip of the Countess, 7 Kingdom Travel Journal, Mysterious Costume Series, and Scattered Peoples.


The News tab is not yet available.

The News tab on the Chinese server gives additional information about the plot and hints about upcoming debut events and suits, from the in-universe perspective of Miraland as if it were a real newspaper. The news first appears under Time-Limited events before being archived in the News tab of the Time Diary. Due to the nature of this content, it is likely (though never confirmed or stated) that this feature will never be made available on the International server.


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