Time Collection

Time Collection, also inexplicably referred to as Wonder Museum, was a time-limited Wish Court pavilion that ran from February 5th to February 11th, 2019. It ran again from December 28th, 2019 to January 3rd, 2020.

List of Furniture Edit

6-star Super Rare H6 Edit

Icon Name Style Type
CavalryBattleIcon Cavalry Battle Pigeon Tag Ornament

5-star Super Rare H5 Edit

Icon Name Style Type
GateofTruthIcon Gate of Truth Pigeon Tag Window
AncientOverlordIcon Ancient Overlord Pigeon Tag Ornament
ButterflyShadowIcon Butterfly Shadow Pigeon Tag Cabinet

4-star Treasured H4 Edit

Icon Name Style Type
MuseumCorridorRightIcon Museum Corridor-Right Pigeon Tag Window
MuseumCorridorLeftIcon Museum Corridor-Left Pigeon Tag Window
ProteanIcon Protean Pigeon Tag Ornament
SilentGuardIcon Silent Guard Pigeon Tag Ornament
InvaluableIcon Invaluable Pigeon Tag Ornament
PowerofEternityIcon Power of Eternity Pigeon Tag Ornament
SealedSecretIcon Sealed Secret Pigeon Tag Ornament
LightningHelmetIcon Lightning Helmet Pigeon Tag Ornament
MuseumWallLampIcon Museum Wall Lamp Pigeon Tag Ornament
GrayPatternCarpetIcon Gray Pattern Carpet Pigeon Tag Carpet
BeastSpecimenIcon Beast Head Specimen Pigeon Tag Wall Decor
TerritoryExploreIcon Territory Explore Pigeon Tag Carpet
SkyandEarthDeviceIcon Sky and Earth Device Pigeon Tag Ornament
VictoryBladeIcon Victory Blade Pigeon Tag Cabinet

3-star Treasured H3 Edit

Icon Name Style Type
MarbleFloorIcon Marble Floor Pigeon Tag Floor
VeinofTimeIcon Vein of Time Pigeon Tag Wall
OldPatternIcon Old Pattern Pigeon Tag Carpet
YesterdaysGloryIcon Yesterday's Glory Pigeon Tag Wall Decor
ImpressionFieldIcon Impression Field Pigeon Tag Wall Decor
AweofLandIcon Awe of Land Pigeon Tag Ornament
NoEntryIcon No Entry Pigeon Tag Ornament
AweofSeaIcon Awe of Sea Pigeon Tag Ornament
MysteryStoneCarvingIcon Mystery Stone Carving Pigeon Tag Ornament
MysteryStonePaintingIcon Mystery Stone Painting Pigeon Tag Ornament
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