Thunder Destroyer is a Ruin suit that could be obtained through a Cumulative Recharge from November 5th to November 11th, 2018 for 1750 VIP Exp.png.

Completion Prize: A Styling Gift Box containing In a Twinkling, Hidden Thunder, Thunder Destroyer and 30 Diamonds.

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On the top of Mount Olynia, Nayer the Thunder Destroyer lurks deep in the palace, surrounded by the challengers…
Dark Stalker

With light brighter than sunlight and howl louder than thunder, Nayer appeared with her mount Thunder Cry.
Swift Remnant

The sharp claws shine a light of danger. Stay clear if you want to see the world's color.
Sharp Claw

The unique beast ear headband locates the treasure precisely. Where there is treasure, there is Nayer
Sensitive Ear

The eyes behind the goggles scan with playfulness. Even the tusk ornament seems to scorn the challengers.
Sharp Tusk

The black stone pendant possesses the power to teleport, perfect for traveling and escaping.
Magic Black Stone

Nayer reached her claw out and ripped the void. Within a blink, it disappeared and showed up in another position.
Void Rip

When the steel tail swiped on the ground, the floor was shattered and debris was thrown away like bullets.
Tail of Helix

Thunder Cry howls while shuttling on the field, waiting for the moment when the opponent makes a mistake.
Thunder Agent

The foolhardy who covets my treasure, do you think you can escape the penalty of Thunder God!
Rage of Thunder

When treasure's orange light appears, Nayer's figure gradually disappeared. Everything was reset to the start point
Hidden Thunder

In the game 'Thunder Destroyer' released recently, the final boss Nayer is an insurmountable challenge to newbies.
Thunder Destroyer

Thunderclouds gradually gather, shrouding the world in a shadow. Suddenly, the penalty of Thunder God strikes down.
In a Twinkling

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