• Hi, I'm here requesting for the admin role. After playing this game for a long time, and I also have a lot of free time, I want to contribute to the wiki. Since I don't know much about editing the fandom (templates, etc.) I could only put in some text. However, I would really like to help out more. If you accept this or not, I would ask you to comment on my page on how I could contribute more in order to gain this role. 


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    • Well, right now we have a couple Admin and I'm not sure we need more, I've been inactive as of late (something I've been planning on changing though) but we seem to be fine. But I don't suppose there's any harm in at least considering it...

      When we look for an Admin who isn't doing the "behind the scenes stuff" (templates, beautifying the wiki, etc), we want to see a hardworker who does a lot of edits, so that we know they're a serious and active user, and we have to get to know this person a bit. We don't want to grant someone Admin and have them go crazy with power you know? XD or be a jerk to other members. The person also has to be willing to communicate with other Admin before doing anything really major to the wiki.

      So in saying this, I would like to wait a little while so that we can see how you operate, because from what I saw, your edits aren't bad but you're a new member, and I think you need more time and experience.

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