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The Wave of Time is a set of Story Suits. Suits can be obtained from The Wave of Time Event.

Completion Reward: 50 Diamonds and Whisper of Stars avatar frame.

Ice Breath[]

WoT Ice Breath.png
Born in the permanent void,
the flowing river of time.
The greedy soul is
attempting to shake you,
with sand dust around,
you left silently
without even a short glare.
Snow across Dream

Twilight Dance[]

WoT Twilight Dance.png
Through the deepest silence,
across the ever-lasting river,
reach the mystery immortal place.
The brightness and
darkness dance alternately,
the reincarnation
of life is born here.
Dawn Sky Sound

Night Stray

Seasons Rewards[]

WoT Seasons Rewards.png
The time grants generously --
Hide in the deepest night,
Stretch, stretch down.
Face the hottest sunshine,
Grow, grow up.
Sunflower Impression

Star Night Concerto

Star Sea Prophecy[]

WoT Star Sea Prophecy.png
An abnormal sound is
from the deep star sea,
what sound is it from?
Maybe the whisper of abyss,
maybe the call of dawn.
WoT Star Sea Prophecy (Full).png

Year Inn[]

WoT Year Inn.png
The river of time is
flowing silently,
The vicissitudes of life toss
and turn inside.
Above the sky,
Among the vast,
A gentle look watches silently.

Falling Star[]

WoT Falling Star.png
The night's end is
without warning,
The throne is dusted,
falls to the mortal world,
The fate's song composed
by the pledge,
disperses in the echo of time.


Name by Server[]

Version Name (Romanized) Translation
International.png International (English) The Wave of Time N/A
Singapore Flag.png Southeast Asia (English) N/A N/A