The Treasure
The Treasure
Yvette learned the style skills from Ryan since childhood, but...
Physical and Vital Information
Type: Hidden Suit
Color(s): Dark-Blue/White/Gold
Obtained by: Yvette's Dreamland

The Treasure is a Hidden Suit that can be obtained by completing Yvette's Dreamland, Time Magic.

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Lore Edit

In the memory, there was a kid having similar blond hair. No, his is more brilliant.
Blond Hair

Yvette learned the style skills from Ryan since childhood, but...
The Treasure

As the secretary of Lilith Prime Minister, Yvette also has her own style.
The Precious

Maybe they are all true, maybe they are all false, but a beautiful illusion is still beautiful.

During the life, there are so many people coming and leaving. Do you want one not to leave?
Passing Traveler

With the help of a small medium, even the deepest memory scraps can be reactivated.
Feather of Memory

Maybe you will only get an empty chest after killing all the monsters, but the story will be unique.
Time Treasure Box

The suit is about Yvette and her memories of Ryan. Though he faded and became only a memory to Yvette, since he was only an illusion, she missed him greatly and regretted that he had to leave. However, she was able to "reactivate" her scraps of memory, referring to how she was able to summon him again as an adult.

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