The Gentle Aegean Sea could be obtained from a Log-in Event from July 4th to 22th, 2018 and can now be bought in the Clothes Store. It is not in the gallery, making it a Hidden Suit.

This suit was created in order to honor Love Nikki's participation in the UNESCO project "Open Digital Library on Traditional Games", hoping to let everyone see different cultures through the game.

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Love Nikki has joined the Open Digital Library on Traditional Games of Unesco. Let's go back to ancient Greece.
Greek Girl

Please wear the robe of Goddess Athena and step into the breeze of Aegean. The pure palace awaits.
Aegean Breeze

In Greek myth, gods were like men in that they felt love and hate, in that their fates were tragic or great.
Wine of Dionysus

The Olympic Games was born in Greece which unites the world with its olive branch.
Olive Laurel

Embraced by the ocean, Greece is a shining jewel in human history. It is a forturn to the entire mankind.
Apollo's Blessing

Drape, fold, no pins… Its biggest character is the dignity behind the shapeless.
Helen's Wooden Horse

The breeze of Aegean witnessed the foam where Venus was born, the rise and fall of ancient Greece, the brutal war.
Venus' Kiss

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