Tender Bangladesh could be obtained from a Log-in Event from August 14th to 24th 2018 and can now be bought in the Clothes Store. It is not in the gallery, making it a Hidden Suit.

This suit was created in order to honor Love Nikki's participation in the UNESCO project "Open Digital Library on Traditional Games", hoping to let everyone see different cultures through the game.

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Nikki joined UNESCO's the 'Development of Digitalized Traditional Plays' project. Which takes you through Bangladesh.
Golden Bangladesh

Let us put on colorful Bangladesh saris, and continue our life with the most magnificent postures.
Golden Sari

All four seasons of Bangladesh are colorful, and poems in Bangladesh are made to be sung.
Bangladesh - Top

As the Bangladesh dream, water lilies adorn the Ganges and the Brahmaputra, so pure and beautiful.
Bangladesh - Bottom

Bangladesh is just like one of Tagore's poems. Extracted from nature itself, it's firm and gentle power is like a poem.
Bangladesh Stroll

The fields of Bangladesh are golden in the autumn. A bright, tender wind caresses the face of travelers, oh so gently.
Tender Bangladesh

'As you spread your skirt on the riverbank under the banyan tree, the pattern it made was simply mysterious.'
Bangladesh Necklace

As a red sun rose on the vast grasslands, the light of dawn spread throughout the country, and the long night was over.
Bangladesh Bracelet

Interpretation Edit

The suit describes the scenery of Bangladesh, mentioning water lilies on the rivers, golden fields in the autumn, and sunrise on the grasslands.

See also: Earth.

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