How to Use

This template is only to be used in the Color(s): field of Template:Clothing and Template:Suit Infobox. Enter the color's code to create one square of that color. A # (hashtag) does not need to be added as it is part of the template's code already. A new template of {{Swatch}} needs to be added for each color to be displayed. The template does not host more than one color at a time.


If an item has a metallic feature, enter the following that apply into the {{{mm|}}} field:

  • "G" to get Gold Swatch
  • "S" to get Silver Swatch
  • "C" to get Copper Swatch
  • "M" to get Multicolor Swatch
  • "T" to get Transparency Swatch

*"mm" stands for "Metallic (&) Multicolor".


Multicolor should only be used if an item features patterns with more than 3 colors.

Color Name

To add the colors name: add |color name= within the swatch templates syntax code.





Results in:

A Psalm of Time
A Psalm of Time
This is a test.
Physical and Vital Information
Type: Test suit
Gallery: Festivals
Transparency Swatch
Gold Swatch
Silver Swatch
Copper Swatch
Multicolor Swatch
Completion Reward:

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