Target Suits are Gallery Suits that need to be completed or have parts that need to be crafted to finish a chapter. There are also suits and parts of suits that need to be crafted in order to pass a stage's styling battle. Prologue Queen's Shadow and V1: Chapter 1 Arriving the Wheat Field are the only ones not to have target suits.

Some levels require items that fit certain criteria. Though players may own items from other sources such as a stylist association or events that also fulfill the criteria, a player who does not own those particular items would have trouble passing the stage and would need to craft the target suit. These target suits are listed with a disclaimer that you may not need to craft them depending on your wardrobe.[1] You will always need to craft the suit for the whole chapter.

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NOTE: The Hair, Coat, Leglet and Left Handheld Accessory of Light Fairy are given to the player for free by the game upon completing V1: 8-7 The Mayor is...?!; the rest must be crafted normally.

NOTE: For 8-2 Princess level only, the suit Sexy Bad Girl is required, and additional accessories should not be used. The hair can be replaced by the unevolved version and the necklace is not necessary.[3]

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NOTE: In Stage 15-9, the opponent has a skill that causes the player's score to lower to only 10,000 points at the end of the battle. The player must make Nikki lose 15 times, accumulating Morale with each 'duel'. After the 15th loss, Mela, Ransa and Sherry will appear and bring the Dawnblade, which will counter the rival's skill. From then on, Nikki will win as long as she has the Dawnblade and the other required pieces equipped.

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NOTE: In Stage 16-9 the player will automatically lose the first duel, even if they have the stage requirements. Then, the game will have Kimi telling Nikki to practice together and the following duel will be winnable as long as Nikki wears the required parts.

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NOTE: In 17-9, after the player has accumulated 50k points, they will need to read the side stories to obtain two items: Federal Police Badge and Thank-you Note. With these they'll be able to craft the Federal Police Gun, which is needed to get an S-rank clear for the stage.

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NOTE: In Stage 19-9 the player will automatically lose the first duel even if they have the stage requirements. Then, the game will show another scene where Nikki competes against somebody else, and the following duel will be winnable as long as Nikki wears the required parts.

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NOTE: In Stage 1-5, the player also needs to have an umbrella equipped.

NOTE: In Stage 1-S1, the player also needs to have a gun equipped. The following guns can be used: Fantasy Shotgun, Assault Rifle, Snowfield Spirit, Officer's Pistol

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