Symphonic Poem of Future

The Gift of the Magi Autumn Maple Stairway
At the school ceremony, we performed separately, and we will be there for each other in the future.

Symphonic Poem of Future

Physical and Vital Information
Type Suit
Color Pink/Blue/White
How to Obtain Time Palace Event
Symphonic Poem of Future is a Story Suit that appeared in the Time Palace Event together with Soul Bruce, Prelude to Youth, and Flower Season Melody.

Completion Prize: Styling Gift Box containing Echo is Here to Come, Resonance of Innocence, and 30 Diamond.

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The celebration began. One after another, the lights to the stage were turned on, lighting up the whole place.

Tina was moving forward with the crowd. As she jumped up, she saw several figures walking onto the stage.

Following the drumbeat, the lights began to twinkle, and the prelude started in cheers.

The husky voice was singing a song about the youth and courage, touching the hearts of all audience. The atmosphere getting hotted up, the whole crowd started to clap along the beat.

At the climax of the show, a beam was placed on the short-haired bass player. This handsome maiden was focusing on the melody with her eyes closed, presenting such a cool image.

That was Tina's dream, actually, the long-cherished dream.

She was trying to scream, but ended up crying.

All she could do was to follow the beat and wave her hand till the last moment of the show.

In the end, the band thanked the audience with a bow, and the lead singer pushed Xiaxia forward and said 'Thanks to our bass, composer and lyricist of the song, Xiaxia!' A microphone was given to Xiaxia when she was still addled. The audience applauded again out of expectation.

'Um... Thank you all! And um, wish you guys a youth full of courage, hope and dreams!' She then gave out a big smile and thanked the audience with a cute gesture.

Soon the celebration was coming to an end. The finale was Tina's performance. She walked onto the stage, set her posture and started to play a beautiful melody.

She was telling a story of dream. All those frustrations and happiness brought by the pursuit of dream were clearly presented in the melody, extolling the beauty of friendship and a strong will.

In the quiet hall, the audience were all moved to tears as the melody went even further.

'To my best friend, Xiaxia, and our dreams' said Tina, 'The celebration is over, but our future has just begun.'

'Wow!' a maiden at the front of the auditorium suddenly screamed 'Tina! Tina! Tina!' It was Xiaxia. She seemed so happy with the beam on her smile.

The audience followed her lead and began to shout Tina's name. Xiaxia's voice was drowned by the cheers immediately, but still Tina could read her lips.


No longer being a juvenile, I am now busy with rehearsals for the coming school ceremony.
Anticipation of the Future

Rock music? No, though I'm not giving up on this hobby, I'm already a professional violinist.
Gentle and Warm

I stopped trying to numb my mind with rock music when I missed her but with her favorite classical music.
Beautiful Chapter

She had taught me that the beautiful violin heals everyone and tenderness can also be braveness.
Cure for Heart

Since then, I moved on to practicing the violin, hoping that I could make myself as tough and quiet as she is.
Unhurried Pace

The door opened and brought us back together. We hugged each other tightly with surprise and tears.
Reunion Joy

Back to the summer in the campus, time had witnessed our growth, but the bond between us had never faded.
Tender Time

Neither of us has realized our childhood dreams. 'It's a pity, but we experienced two varying wonderful life.'
Youth Ensemble

Though we were absent from each other's life, our souls were together. Fate has just made it perfect.
Meeting and Parting are Irregular

Failing to join the same symphony orchestra, we reunited on the same stage despite the varying paths we chose.
Gift from Time

At the school ceremony, we performed separately, and we will be there for each other in the future.
Echo is Here to Come

Perhaps it was all because of the bond from our innocent years that made two kindred souls so close.
Resonance of Innocence

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