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This article is about the suit. For the top from Sakura Whisper, please see Sweet Wish (Top).

Sweet Wish is a Festivals suit that is purchasable in the Clothes Store. The suit was designed to celebrate the 4th year of the Nikki UP2U series.

Completion Prize: A Styling Gift Box containing Nikki's Wish and 40 Diamond.png.

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Item Descriptions[edit | edit source]

Since I met you and Momo in Wheat Field, I felt happy everyday~Nikki, happy birthday! You will be the best stylist!
Bobo's Ribbon

The uncarved jade now gradually shines. Happy birthday, Nikki. Snow white and cherry pink is your color!
Kimi's Design

Cute Nikki, birthday happy! Wish you meet a handsome boy. Sagittarius goes perfectly with Leo!
Toto's Wish

I hope my wish will happen on time because I don't know where I am now. But divination shows we'll meet soon!
Starlet's Divination

Nikki, you are very powerful but don't think we can be friends. Next time, you'll see the real power of Iron Rose.
Crown of Iron Rose

Happy birthday, Nikki. Hear the song I write for you, 'Happy every day to you, happy every day to you...'
Aron's Birthday Song

My lovely robin, I chose the necklace for you by myself! You must be lovelier wearing it~Welcome to Lilith Kingdom at all time.
Royce's Necklace

I've met so many people, but I still prefer walking alone. I cherish my road with you. Happy birthday, Nikki.
Card from Ace

Nikki, thanks for all the training with me. I'm practicing hard too. Let's style more in the future.
Yvette's Dessert

The first time we met, I knew we'd be great friends. Wish you happy forever.
Orlando's Blessing

If you and grilled fish fall into the water at the same time...Don't worry, I will save you first.
Momo's Sincere Heart

Nikki, happy birthday. Lady Kimi prepared a great party for you. I should find a partner to go with me now.
Mr. Joe's Present

When a girl smiles, she may see love, she may find a dream... or she's having a styling contest.
Warm Smile

Light the birthday candles and make a sweet wish. May youth last and dreams come true.
Nikki's Wish

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