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This article is about the event. For the bracelet from Vacation in Wintermount, please see Sweet Surprise (Bracelet).
Sweet Surprise

Sweet Surprise was an event that ran from June 24th to June 30th 2018.

Magician Noah sent a secret invitation, To search the clue of Bobo, Nikki followed the aroma of sakura, Yet only found empty tea party and a doll named Bobo?! Play game with teacup doll and collect Cherry Cube, To gain delicate set Uncover the secret of the magician!

Players will be shown two outfits and a styling theme. Choose the outfit you think would score better for the theme to gain Cherry Cubes Cherry Cubes. Exchange the Cherry Cubes for pieces of the Fondant Game suit from the Lilith Kingdom. Five Cherry Cubes are awarded for choosing correctly and three Cherry Cubes are given for choosing the wrong outfit. Players get ten free attempts every day and more attempts can be bought for 20 Diamond each.


Total Cost: 629 Cherry Cubes

Fondant GameEdit

Suit Completion Rewards: Magic Doll, Endless Tea Party, Sakura Tea, and 30 Diamond.


Scores are based on attributes.

Cool SummerEdit

Attributes: SimpleCuteLivelySexyCool

What to look for: summer dresses and light hairstyles.

Garden Work-outEdit

Attributes: SimpleCuteLivelyPureCool

What to look for: sporty and cute clothing.

Sakuragari in SnowEdit


What to look for: Scarves and other winter gear.

Elegant LadyEdit

Attributes: SimpleMatureElegantSexyCool

What to look for: black and white, professional looking clothing.

Banquet StarEdit

Attributes: GorgeousMatureElegantSexyCool

What to look for: ballgowns and other big dresses.

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