Sweet Intention is the 38th Monthly Sign-In suit. It does not have a completion reward as it is not in the gallery, making it a Hidden Suit.

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How to bridle the natural curls? Braid them into a ponytail! Don't forget to add a suitable hair rope.
Plain Pigtail

The bitter coffee and the sweet candy. Love is like a sweet candy in the bitter coffee.
Sweet Intention

Why emotions are so complicated? If only life can be as sweet and innocent as meringue in the glass bowl.
Royal Icing Mood

Lemon cake, cherry lollipop, mint perfume... Sweet should not be the only taste at the birthday party.
Sweetheart Lady

The cherry syrup is shaped into bowknot and mixed with white icing, curdling into the galaxy in her dream.
Candy Bow

Seeing the familiar figure, she is hesitated no more and wants to share the sweet magic with him.
Mint Magic

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