Sweet First Love is a Hidden Suit that could be bought in the Valentine's Day Store for $0.99 USD from February 9th to 27th, 2018.

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On the morning of Valentine's Day, Bobo received a small gift box. Inside it is a pink hairband.
Berry Short Hair

Bai Jinjin hesitated so long and finally picked idea suit. A bow and a pink knitwear must be perfect!
Sweet First Love

A suit published by AAG. A combination of tartan and rose color is said to be designed by Kimi.
Tartan Rose

Red heels decorated with chiffon highlight the girl's slim figure. Toto smiled seeing her lover beside.
Warm-hearted Winter

After failing 15 times, Timi finally made the chocolate. After pondering, she added a little heart.
Sweetheart Cocoa

Interpretations Edit

The suit describes various happenings on Valentine's Day. Bobo received a pink hairband, though the sender was unknown. Bai Jinjin picked out a bow and pink sweater, presumably for a date with Zhong Lizi. Kimi designed a tartan and rose-colored suit and published it from the Apple Apparel Group. Toto wore red heels with chiffon on a date with a boyfriend. Timi attempted to make chocolate for her senior fifteen times, and once she finally got it right, she added a decorative heart.

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