Sweet Filling-Gray
Sweet Filling-Gray
—Momo, do you prefer dessert with filling or without? —I'd choose dessert with grilled fish! —Ouch.
Physical and Vital Information
Type Bottom
Style European
Attributes SimplePure
Rarity H3
Color Gray
Wardrobe # 137
How to Obtain Customization

Sweet Filling-Gray can be obtained through the Customization of Sweet Filling.

Appearance Edit

A pair of silvery-gray puff pants with white vertical stripes.

Customization Edit

Gallery Suit Edit

Sweet Filling-Gray is part of an alternative version to the Apple Federal suit Sweet Pastry Cook.

The other parts to this suit are Sweetie-Silver, Delicious Pastry, Pastry Cook-Gray, Dessert-Purple, Mousse-Black and Pastry Cap.

The original parts to this suit are Sweetie, Delicious Pastry, Pastry Cook, Sweet Filling, Dessert, Mousse and Pastry Cap.

There is an alternate series to this suit. It contains Sweetie-Silver, Delicious Pastry, Pastry Cook-Green, Sweet Filling-Blue, Dessert, Mousse-Gray and Pastry Cap.

There is another alternate series to this suit. It contains Sweetie, Delicious Pastry, Pastry Cook-Yellow, Sweet Filling-Yellow, Dessert-Green, Mousse-Green and Pastry Cap.

Attributes Edit

Simple Lively Cute Pure Cool