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Sweet Dream-Pale can be obtained through the customization of Sweet Dream.


A pure white one-piece with pearl buttons going down the middle. The top and bottom is lined by ruffles to match those on the shoulder strap, which has a white layer beneath it. Going down each side is white ribbon laced through the fabric, and on each side of the chest is a small ribbon to match those on each hip. One is larger than the other with an additional ribbon and roses decorating it. Ruffled fabric hangs to wrap around the hips and back.


Hidden Suit[]

Sweet Dream-Pale is part of an alternative version of the hidden suit Sweet Slumber.

The other parts of this suit are Messy Cute-Light, Fantasy Sleep-Pale, Sweet Garter-Toffee, Dream Envoy-Light Pink, Rosy Dream-Pale, Sweet Choker-Pale and Bow Ribbon-Pale.

The original version of this suit includes Messy Cute, Sweet Dream, Fantasy Sleep, Sweet Garter, Dream Envoy, Rosy Dream, Sweet Choker and Bow Ribbon.

There is alternate series to this suit. It contains Messy Cute-Red, Sweet Dream-Blue, Fantasy Sleep-Blue, Sweet Garter-Blue, Dream Envoy-Blue, Rosy Dream-Blue, Sweet Choker-Blue and Bow Ribbon-Blue.


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